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If you are providing marketing services to local businesses or doing local marketing for your business you might not want to do all the work yourself. Fortunately there are many opportunities to outsource web work for quite a bit less than you would pay domestically. For programming jobs I have done well with sites like which has mainly Indian and Pakistani programmers. I have had less luck with them with the jobs which involve language skills. Some people have done very well with Phillipine based outsourcing sites when language skills are more important.

I have found the langauge skills of the Phillipine workers to be of a higher quality than the Scriptlance crowd, however they still are not good enough for me for article writing purposes. Of course, I am very picky when it comes to article writing. For true, original high quality articles I stick with countries that have real native English speakers and I just pay more.

Here is a list of Phillipine based outsourcing sites where you can post your jobs: Yes, posting jobs in the Manilla section of Craigslist really works. I received quite a good response when I tried it. Chris Ducker's has an excellent website and concept. He is actually in the Phillipines organizing his staff for you. This is where I am going to look for my next virtual assistant.

If you are looking to outsource small programing jobs I highly recommend I have posted over 70 jobs on the site and the results have been excellent.

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