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1. Google loves keyword based domain names. There is a debate whether you should go for branding or seo with your domain names by including your keywords in your domain name. They are both valid strategies. Going for branding by using an easy to remember domain name and associating that name as being the standard in the industry is great if you can pull it off. However, there is no doubt that the search engines love keyword based domain names. If you are looking for quicker rankings choose a domain name which has your keywords in them. Of course, you can set up a feeder blog with you keyword domain names which links to your branding site. You can do both.

2. Get quality relevant backlinks to your site. Backlinks from other sites to your are important but be careful. You want backlinks from quality relevant sites. That is one reason guest posting on other people's blogs works better than submitting thousands of articles to junk directories. It may take some more brain power at first but it is worth it in the end to come up with quality original content to submit to popular blogs in your niche. Do not forget YouTube and other video hosting sites. The search engines really pick up these videos and often will list them above your main site!

3. Go for .edu and .gov backlinks. These websites are given special weight by the search engines. You can search for a list of forums in your niche with .edu and .gov
extensions. Participate in those forums and leave your link in the signature file. Sometimes it works well to post all your comments on the forum without any signature. Then add the signature later. If you come across as to promotional at first you may get your posts deleted.

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