Review: Unique Article Wizard vs. Article Marketing Robot

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I own both Unique Article Wizard and Article Marketing Robot. Since UAW is a monthly subscription service, AMR will be more appealing as it’s one-time payment. However, I realize UAW is more powerful. Here are the reasons.

1. The Amount of Availabe Article Direcotories of UAW Are Far More Than AMR.

Article directory owners do not like bots. They prefer human beings. Bots tend to bring heavy loads to the server, consume the bandwidth. Once an article directory is found by bot users and it may soon be dead because of heavy loads. So, the owners will try to avoid bots.

After registering tens of thousands of article directories with Article Marketing Robot, we will find at most 1000-2000 working ones, while there are far more than 20,000 websites in Unique Article Wizard‘s network.

2. Users Must Update The Directory List of AMR From Time To Time By Themselves.

If you’ve ever used Article Marketing Robot, you’ll understand that the article directory list must be updated from time to time. Article directories comes and goes. They will die or change to other forms of websites. Users must do this job by themselves in most time. It takes money and time. Usually I will need to find new directories for my AMR every 1-3 weeks.

As a paid service, UAW takes care of the directories. New directories are constantly added into their network and dead ones will be deleted. This can save me a lot of time.

3. AMR Users Need To Register Accounts And Pay For Captcha Breaking Services.

This is not a big deal, but it will consume your captcha balance fast if you submit large quantity of articles as I do. I’ve not done thorough caculation for this yet. But we can estimate here. (Correct me if you have more accurate statistics.)

When using DeathByCaptcha, 1000 accounts registering costs about $1.39-$2, every 1000 submission will cost $0.35~$0.5. It will easily cost $67 when submitting 130-200 articles. If you have 50 websites, submit 4 articles for each website every month, that’s 200 articles and will cost you over $67 for Captcha breaking.

4. AMR Must Run On PC (or VPS, Dedicated Server) While UAW is a Web-based Service.

To get the most out from all softwares I’ve bought, I use VPS to run them all. VPS is better than PC to do such tasks since I can set the softwares run day and night and it will not influence my daily jobs. Web based service is much better since it requires less resources of a computer.

5. All Directories Are Volunteered To Accept Articles From UAW While AMR Is Not.

When we use Article Marketing Robot we are kind of trying to “break” the directories and submit our articles. That’s why we need to use Captcha breaking services. Nevertheless, all sites in Unique Article Wizard’s network are volunteered to accept articles from us.

6. UAW Has Quality Control On The Articles Before Submitting. This makes more and more article directory owners like to accept articles from Unique Article Wizard.

Article Marketing Robot is still a great tool especially when you have your own blog networks. A lot of marketers have good words to AMR. I've used AMR to boost my rankings too. If you have a tight budget or don't like to pay monthly, AMR is the best choice as article marketing solution. If the budget is enough, then get them both. They do help.

From: Unique Article Wizard vs. Article Marketing Robot
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