Niche Profits - How to Create Your Own Niche Money Machines Online!

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If you have an interest in online niche marketing, then you would want to pay attention to this article. I'm going to show you the system for creating your own niche money machine the easy and profitable way.

Here's how to get started right away with your own niche money machine:

1. Find A Niche To Pick Off

Some places where I find profitable niches to enter are Amazon, Clickbank's Marketplace and My Goals dot com. These websites are hot goldmines for finding niches that will rake in the money. Choose a niche that seems to be recurring presence in those sites.

2. Create A Lead Generating Squeeze Page

Create a simple one-page website where the aim is to simply capture your visitor's email address and first name details, so you can follow up with them through emails. You would need an autoresponder such as Aweber to facilitate this. A simple effective squeeze page comprises of a solid headline, bullet points and of course the opt-in form for subscriptions.

3. Drive Huge Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

Generating traffic to your squeeze page to generate leads should be one of your top priorities. Aim to drive traffic from as many sources as possible, including article marketing, forums, classified ads and pay-per-click programs like Adwords.

Once you start building up a list, start sending out emails to them every week at least. It doesn't matter even if you have less than 50 subscribers, start practicing sending out an email to your subscribers! It is very possible to make a sale even with less than 50 subscribers. And if you keep driving traffic to your squeeze page, you can have 500 subscribers or even 5000 subscribers really quickly.

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