Backend Marketing - How To Create A Backend Marketing System That Pulls In Cash Automatically!

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Backend marketing - it is a strategy for increasing profits and maximizing profits per customer. The idea is this: when a customer has just bought a product from you, he or she is in a buying mood and is likely to make more purchases from you. So by placing additional offers in a strategic manner, you can earn more from every customer you have.

Here is how to create a backend marketing system that pulls in cash on autopilot:

1) Promote Your 'Frontline' Offer Or Loss Leader

Your 'frontline' offer, as I refer to it, is your lead product that you use to capture leads or buyer leads. This should be a relatively cheap product so customers can try out your solutions first before progressing to more advanced options. It's also called a loss leader because some marketers use it and make a loss by selling it, but make back the money and profits on the backend.

2) Build A Mailing List

When you are promoting your lead product, you should always build a mailing list. If you are giving away a free report, this will be pretty much mandatory. All you need to build a mailing list is an autoresponder. If you are selling your product, you should place some opt-in forms on your page to capture subscribers to your mailing list.

3) Place Additional Related Offers On Your Thank You/Download Page

Once your visitor has opted in to your list or bought your product, place additional links to related products on your download page. Try to limit the offers to not more than 3. Your offers should be related to your lead product. If your lead product is about golf, advertise related golf offers on your Thank You page to get more sales on the backend!

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