Website Traffic System Every One Is Talking About ( Start Your Internet Business Today ) - Part 1

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Question - What kind of return you get from your articles?

I make on average $30 profits per article in the long run. If this is not the best it is actually reasonable profits per article. If I get someone to write an article for $3 that's almost 1000% return on investment.

And if a newbie focuses in writing 5 to 10 articles per day in a niche, successfully creates a powerful sales funnel and gets the profits of one article to $30 I personally feel that any one can then start outsourcing their articles after few months and can make an autopilot income for years to come.

The added advantage will be direct instant traffic, tons of links pointing back for top Google ranking and articles published at several websites and blogs.

Question - Should I submit my articles that I put on my website to other article directories?

Answer - I agree that people have different views about this, but I personally feel that if I have unique content on my website that is no where else it is better in the eyes of search engines.

I have done some testing by creating a unique content site in a skin care niche and it worked tremendously well in Google. With around 600 skin care articles on the site arranged in a proper silo structure the site was doing tremendously well and was ranked top for terms like skin, skin care, skin clinic in Google India. The best part was that the site got over 10,000 visitors from search engines without getting hundreds of incoming links; it got its ranking from just unique content posted out there.

If you have been following top experts like Sean Mize, Lance Winslow who have generated over 20,000 articles, they are too following this same strategy. These guys are constantly submitting 10 to 20 articles every day since years and they are doing this for a reason. They are not only getting instant traffic but long-term back links and top search engine ranking.

These article experts are following a simple model...

1. Write 10-15 articles a day.

2. Pick up a niche and build a list.

3. Build relationship with your list.

4. Setup a solid sales funnel in that niche that converts.

5. Outsource the entire process.

This is all what I am personally doing. I may be wrong based on the strategy followed by other marketers but every one has a different working model.

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