Website Traffic System Every One Is Talking About ( Start Your Internet Business Today ) - Part 3

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Question - Should I write an article and post it to my website first and then submit it to hundreds of article directories?

If this is not the correct method should I submit the articles only to my website? How will Google find my website for my keywords?

Answer - Here's the model I personally use...

1. Write one article in your niche. Include your keyword in your title. Don't try to optimize it much with your keyword, just focus in writing unique content.

2. Post this article to your website.

3. Write a second article. Post it to and other article directories. You can use any software you wish for mass submission of your articles to hundreds of article directories. I have used article marketing robot in the past and it worked good for me. You can use any software that works for mass distribution that actually works.

I follow one simple rule. I do not submit my articles that I post on my website to other article directories or anywhere else online. I want pure unique content on my site. It has worked for me in the past when I have done this for certain test websites therefore I follow this rule.

One more thing I want to advise you is that don't get confused. The more advice you will read on this topic, more you will get confused.

I may be wrong by giving you the advice to not post your articles on your website any where else and many will argue on this, but the fact is that everyone has a different working model that works for them.

There will be someone who might be posting their articles on their site and also in article directories and this might be working excellently for that person.

There will be some one who might be spinning his articles and it works for him.

In short you will find opinions of hundreds of people and more you read, more confusion you will create for yourself.

What to do in this situation? Here's one simple advice. Pick up one model and start using it. It can be any model you personally feel might work for you.

Here's what you need to do next. Take action on that model. Test it and get your numbers. If that model is driving traffic to your website, converting well and making you profits continue using that model no matter how much people tell you not to use it. Your numbers will decide whether you should use that model or not, do not rely on opinions of hundreds of people online. Just rely on your testing.

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