Product Creation - How To Find Writers To Write For You!

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It's hard to find real quality writers these days to write an ebook for you or write an ecourse for you.

You won't find many people recommending you writers. Of course, some people do try. Hey, it's free to ask. But if you use their writer, you'll be eating up the writer's time, which means more competition. Nobody's going to do that.

Get A Freelancer and Elance are pretty good places to get writers. Strange as this may sound coming from a Singaporean, my suggestion is to only hire writers from the US, Australia or UK. Most of the writers you find from non English speaking countries (or countries which don't have English as their main language) will have horrible grammar, articles which are spinned by cheap software, or bid ridiculously low amounts (that must ring alarm bells for you).

If you see someone bid an absurdly low amount for your project, then run as far as as you can! It's very possible that the person will use rehashed content, and you will lose out eventually. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and that doesn't come much truer than from hiring writers for your business.

Be careful when you hire a writer. That's the number one rule. And never, ever pay upfront before you receive any work. At the most, use the sites mentioned above to send over escrow payments, but never send over upfront payments. There have been far too many cases reported of writers who went missing after collecting their payments. And many payment processors these days don't give out refunds for 'digital products', which is what online writing services are.

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