Using Social Networking to Create Buzz for Pending Product Launch

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Social networking has become one of the vital business building tools for businesses of all sizes. Whether your business employs hundreds, or only one, you can use social networking to achieve a numerous business building objectives. One common, and often quite successful objectivel, is to use social networking to generate buzz for a new product.

Buzz is defined as excitement. It embraces the concepts of viral and word of mouth marketing. People get excited about your product, or pending product, launch and they tell each other about it. While buzz marketing can work for a number of goals, generally it’s much easier to build buzz if you’re doing something new – like launching a product.

Here are just a few ways you can use social networking to generate buzz:

Get them Talking.

You can initiate discussions about your pending product launch or about the problem your product solves. For instance, if you’re marketing a diet book you might ask friends and followers what their biggest dieting challenge is.

Promote It

You can of course also post marketingmessages about your new product or service. Remember when doing this that you’re promoting the benefit of the product and not the product itself. People can be touchy on social networking sites, and rightfully so. They don’t want to be blatantly marketed to. However, a “learn how to lose 10 pounds this week, and another 10, 20 or 30 over the next 30 days” type of message can work to promote your product. Of course don’t forget to include a link.

Make them Feel Appreciated

You can also use social networking to offer special coupons or discount offers. In fact, you can make your social networking friends and fans feel appreciated by making them an offer that other people don’t have access to. For example, “all fans get 10% off.” You may likely also increase your Facebook fans too.

Publish Videos and Content

Publish content related to your product. Continuing with the diet book you might publish an article or a how to video that demonstrates the effectiveness or the value of your product. Videos are particularly good at creating buzz.

Use social networking to pre-launch your product with viral content too. Give away a free report. Don’t ask anyone to opt-in but give it away and motivate others to give it away too.

There are a lot of ways you can use social networking to create buzz. Make sure that any tactics you implement are followed up on. For example, if you’re using social networking to drive traffic to a pre-launch opt in page make sure you actually send those people an email when you launch. Like any marketing strategy, establish goals, create a plan to achieve them, and then get to work making it happen.
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