3 Proven Resources That Will Help Boost The Size Of Your List!

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If you can create a simple website, then you can build a supersized subscriber list very quickly. Most of the top marketers who have built massive lists often use the same or similar resources. Here are 3 proven resources that the 'big guns' use to boost their list massively:

1. Instant Buzz

Instant Buzz is a simple traffic exchange program. Users earn credits to have their ads displayed when they surf the Internet. It's simple to start: just install a toolbar which will appear on your browser. And every time you surf, you will accrue credits. This is perhaps the top free advertising option around.

2. Ipostad

Ipostad is a safelist submitter. Although many marketers frown on safelists, its also well-known that many top marketers uses them to build up massive lists. The key to success with safelists is to write an enticing subject line that will get the clickthroughs. Safelists and Instant Buzz work well with list building, rather than selling a product directly.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of those free marketing solutions you can start using in minutes. It's a free classified ads posting site. Post up an ad advertising your opt-in page and watch the leads flow in automatically. Like safelists, the key here is advertising copy. On the Internet, copywriting is crucial to profit making. You'd want to hone your copywriting skills (or hire a professional copywriter if budget permits) by studying copywriting resources and testing your ads constantly. Keep altering your ad a little by little each time to see if it improves results.

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