4 'Must Have' Things In A High-Converting Affiliate Program

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In affiliate marketing, selecting the right affiliate program is crucial as it will act as the product you are selling. You must select a product that is high converting or your traffic will go to waste. Here are 4 'must have' things an affiliate product must have before you consider promoting it:

1. Is the affiliate product already selling? If you see that its sales numbers are topping the categories in the affiliate directories, that means its selling like crazy! It means there is a huge demand for the product.

2. How often does the affiliate program pay out? You should look for a minimum of at least monthly payments. Some affiliate programs (like those at Clickbank) pay out every 2 weeks and some pay out instantly! (a case in point is the $7 secrets affiliate program)

3. How old is the product? Is it outdated? You'll want to promote a product that doesn't teach old techniques that don't work today. A product promoting cutting-edge techniques often sells well.

4. Is the salesletter professional? Look at the salesletter from a customer's perspective. Would you buy if you were a prospect? Is it easy to purchase the product? Are there many payment options? Are there testimonials? Read the salesletter and see if it follows proven copywriting principles.

There you go, those are 4 'must have' things to look for in a high-converting affiliate program. Remember, choosing the right affiliate program is important and can mean the difference between huge profits or just a measly income. Go make some money today!

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