Using BMR - Is It Worth It?

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We all know what Build My Rank, or BMR is - the question is how do they compare when stacked up against similar services such as Linkvana and SEOLinkvine? Below are some pros and cons so you have the information to decide for yourself.
• Fast indexing - For those of you who have used other services, such as Linkvana to make blog posts, I'm sure you've noticed that not all your work is indexed in Google. When you use BMR every post is bookmarked via a popular bookmarking site and therefore is picked up in Google fast, and permanently.
• BMR offers unlimited backlinks and unlimited domains, unlike some services that limit the numbers you can work with.
• Auto-Bookmarking - BMR offers automatic bookmarking to all the major sites for less than other competing sites do.
• Page Rank - BMR offers access to high ranking blog networks ranging from PR1 to PR7. This affects the value greatly.
• High Standards - BMR has a very high standard when it comes to content. They won't allow spammy looking, highly spun content that offers no value beyond backlinks. The upside is that you may have to work a bit harder on the front end, but the end results are just that much more valuable.
• Fees - Like all other back-linking services (or at least the ones worth their salt) BMR comes with a monthly fee. This comes with the territory, but may be an issue if you have budget concerns. The way I see it though, you gotta spend a bit of money to make a lot of money!

The nominal fee that BMR asks for is more than reasonable in my opinion, but may be a concern for newbies who are gun shy about spending. The features offered by Build My Rank are well worth the price and I think it's something to at least consider. To learn more about the various ways to make money online click here!
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