How to Play Nice on Twitter

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This is all information everyone probably knows, but sometimes it's good to go back to the basics, especially if you're a newbie.
Twitter is not just a website to speak your mind. If you pay a little extra attention and observe a bit more closely, you will find many great ways to get more people to follow your tweets on this amazing social network.
Now to begin with, just look at what's written on your profile and what does it say to the public? Is it just saying 'Blue-eyed Romeo' or 'Lady in Red'? Well actually that can be great if that's all you want to convey, but you can certainly add your hobbies and professions too. This is really useful since people will be able to understand you better by looking at your likes, dislikes and interests.
Now talking about interests, you can start following people based on their specific interests. This is possible only if everyone adds it to their profile. Adding "follow me on twitter" on your blog and personal E-mail ID and making it a hyperlink will be much easier for people to click on it for following you.
Retweeting other people's interesting tweets can also be incredibly helpful for gaining that extra attention that you are looking for. Just look for RT on twitter for retweeting. Besides that if you find something very interesting on any other sites or in the news, you can copy paste the URL and put it on Twitter.
Don't forget to send a DM (direct message) for thanking people who starts to follow you on twitter. This will certainly help in building up the interaction levels, in a very great way. For more information on marketing on Twitter, or IM in general click here!
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