How To Generate Traffic On The Fly From Squidoo

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Squidoo has become a new way for online marketers to brand themselves and market their business. Squidoo can be an easy way to make money if you know what you are doing. This is because Squidoo is really like blogging on steroids.

Squidoo provides you with tools that allow you to instantly insert Amazon and affiliate links which make money for you. However, you can also use Squidoo to generate traffic to your main business website. It's free to use, which is a massive plus.

A Squidoo site is popularly known as a lens. Here, you can post your own useful content or compile content created by others. (with their permission, of course) You can build a mailing list on Squidoo by adding an opt-in box on your lens, so people can subscribe to your newsletter or ezine.

You can easily create a mini fanbase on your Squidoo if you post content that people want to read. Constantly update your Squidoo lens; this creates a steady flow of repeat visitors. You can also generate traffic by posting your website on other Squidoo lens. This way, you are leveraging the traffic on other lens.

Because Squidoo is such a powerful platform, it really combines social networking, blogging, content sites and affiliate marketing all in one powerful fusion. If you are able to get your lens into the spots for certain categories, your main business website can receive a sudden influx of traffic. With a Squidoo lens being so easy to set up, you really have nothing to lose by setting up one.

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