The Long and Short of List Building

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When you have an online business, one of the best sources of income comes from internet driven traffic. Regardless of how much you invest in traditional methods of advertisements if you aren't online you simply won't find success.

What is a Lost Building Article?
Any article whose purpose is to draw people to your site where you can then prompt them for their email, name and any other info that you may need is called a list building article. Once you have their info on your list, you can then use it to market to them, and occasionally send invitations back to your site. Great list building articles have the ability to garner relevant traffic for years.

Why is This Important?

When you draw extra traffic to your site by utilizing well-targeted article-related marketing you stand a better chance of getting conversions because you are speaking to a specific group of people who have already show an interest in your market. These people are much more interested in making a purchase than a random selection of people.

Power-Source Leads – What Are They?

Power-source leads are targeted, specific people that are particularly interested in what you're offering due to the fact that you captured their interest because of a particular article you provided that gave them tips and solutions to problems or questions they had. Power-source leads often result in a high level of buying traffic – these people may end up coming to your site again and again as long as you continue to provide relevant, helpful content.
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