Guerrilla Ways to Get New Subscribers

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As you work on getting new subscribers, remember that there are two types of lists you should build:
1. A prospect list. These are the folks who voluntarily subscribe to your free newsletter list.
2. A customer list. This is your proven list of buyers, which tends to convert considerably better than your prospect list.

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When you use affiliates to get new subscribers, you get to build both types of lists.
Now, there are multiple ways to use affiliates to build your lists, including:
§ Pay per lead. This is where you offer your affiliates 25 cents, 50 cents, a dollar or more for each person they send to your page who joins your list.

§ Viral report with backend sales. This is where you create a viral report (perhaps something controversial) where you sell something on the backend. Affiliates use their affiliate links to send visitors to download your report, and they make commissions whenever someone takes advantage of your backend offer.

§ Sell a product. This is where your affiliates use their affiliates links to direct visitors to a sales page. When someone buys the product, the affiliate gets a commission and you get to add someone to your customer list.

You may also build a prospect list by including your newsletter subscription form on the sales page or via an exit pop up that appears to those who don't buy the product.

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