The Winning Formula To Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

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Many people comment that good domain names (especially .com ones) are hard to find these days. While that is getting truer by the day, it is still possible to come up with a good domain name. All it takes is to use a simple formula and you can't go wrong.

Firstly, it's important to know what market your website is targeting. You'd want people to look at your domain name and instantly know what your site is about. Sure, sites like Google and Amazon get away with these non-descriptive names because they are big companies and can initiate large branding campaigns. For the small business, it is usually not wise to go with such non-descriptive names.

Next, try to include the main keywords of your site in your domain name. This makes your site more search engine friendly. For example, if you want to target the keywords 'exotic islands', then try to include both, or at least one word, in the domain name. The search engines will see your site as being more relevant.

Lastly, you'd want your domain name to be as short as possible Try it to keep it to three words minimum. Some argue that you should use dashes in between words, like this '', and sometimes it is more search engine friendly. However, this style is harder to type in. That's why I suggest doing away with dashes.

Use this formula, and it's hard to go wrong with your domain name!

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