Lead Generation System - 4 Critical Features in Developing a Supercharged Lead Generation System

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A Lead Generation System is the method of generating high quality clients through media including websites, post cards, brochures, white papers, newsletters and press releases but only to optimal target markets.

Here are critical features in developing a Lead Generation System:

1. Establish your Unique Selling Proposition

Your unique selling proposition will be the reason why your potential clients will want to deal with you. Make it unique and repeat this in all your marketing and sales presentations - and more importantly, you must be able to deliver on the claims you made in your selling proposition.

2. Recognize your Target Market

Know who your target market is. There is something for everybody - each has their own taste and preference. You must recognize the market that would appreciate your products. Know their age, sex and location; their spending habits and their income bracket. Know as much as you can about them so that you can deliver your selling scheme to the right people.

3. Attract Clients

The media you choose to utilize should attract your clients' interest and hold their attention with your lead generator. A lead generator is something that your potential client will receive when they continue to the next step of the sales process. Your lead generator can be in any form depending on your target market. The most common forms are free gifts, coupons and free information.

4. Avoid the Wrong Market

Do not waste your free gifts on a market that you know would never buy your product. Focus on the right people to control your acquisition costs.

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