How Did Ewen Chia Start His Online Venture

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I have been online for several years now and have been following a few people who are very successful and try to learn many things from them. One of the things I love to do is to look at these guys and gals and figure out their story and how they started online because I know that no one starts with a list of 500,000 people and making 5-6 figures per month.

I wanted to know what kinds of struggles did they face when they got started?

How long it took them to really succeed online?

What strategies did they use to make a nice full time income online?

Which program did they start with?

And so forth.

One of those people is a guy by the name of Ewen Chia who I really like and respect. I followed him for a few years now and also have read his book: "How I made my first million on the internet, and how you can too".

What I found out about Ewen was that in his first few years online, he failed and lost more then $50,000 trying to unlock the secrets to making money online. I learned that he never quit and once he focused on one good program or one strategy, his income started to climb.

What I also learned, and many people want to know this, is which program did he start to make money with. Which opportunity was the first of many online? What was the program that took this guy who was struggling for years to finally earn a very nice 4 then 5 figures per month?

That program was the Plug In Profit Site by Stone Evans.

With focus and taking action on what he learned from all those ebooks and tutorials, that was the program that took him from rags to riches online.

What I totally respect about him was that he refused to give up even in the face of total financial disaster. Many people would have quit but he didn't. There are many success stories online of people struggling to make any money for months and years but eventually they succeed because they simply refused to quit.

Simply refuse to quit even in the face of BIG obstacles, and you will win too.

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