Twitter Tips - How to Get Traffic From Twitter to Your Website

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Is the micro-blogging/social networking phenomenon all it's cracked up to be? Take a look at the most prominent internet prodigy in the field: Twitter. Or perhaps more specifically, Twitter traffic. And the reason for this is simple: It affects the performance of the network and therefore your performance.

In fact, it's every webmasters dream... just consider the income and potential thereof. But of course Twitter's traffic is only a secondary factor - something that acts as an addition to the list of qualifying arguments for any person or company to join. The more important question is: How much Twitter traffic can be turned into your traffic?.

Quite a lot, actually, depending on the product or service you are promoting but also on your social skills. As with all other e-marketing endeavors, your success will largely depend on your content and whether it appeals to the average user on Twitter. Secondly, and equally important, it's a question of generating that appeal among your "followers" on Twitter for your content.

One other thing you might have to pay attention to when trying to make Twitter traffic your traffic is not only focusing on the business side of things. People join Twitter to socialize and, as such, tend to grow tired of continuous sales pitches or requests to view a blog. In short, if you can create a balance between business and pleasure, then you will get the traffic you want.

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