Is Empower Network Saturated??!!

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When I first started trying to make money online...I fell for it...the lie that "internet marketing is saturated."

Here are a few reasons why Empower Network is not saturated, and why internet marketing in general is not saturated.

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1. According to Wordpress (The most popular blogging platform on the internet) there are over 100,000 new blogs created EACH DAY. A significant percentage of those are started by people who are looking to make money from their blog.

With tens of thousands of new people looking to the internet each day to supplement their current income, there is no shortage of prospects for Empower Network.

2. "Is Empower Network Saturated?" Another reason that it isn't saturated is because there is always room for "one more" online...Even if you had the best marketing plan in the world to promote Empower Network, you could still only reach a small fraction of the people interested.

3. There are more internet users than ever. Simply put, there are more people online than ever before in the history of the internet.

If you were to average out the amount of people involved in internet marketing that are already in Empower Network, it would be significantly less than 1%. Meaning more than 99% of the internet marketing community still hasn't heard of or joined Empower Network!

I hope you realize that Empower Network is not even close to being saturated, and as long as their are thousands of new people coming online each day to try & find a way to earn extra money, it never will be.

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