eBook Case Study: Formatting Your Work

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If you want to follow the entire case study you can find...

Day One: Research For A Ebook
Day Two: Write Your Ebook
Day Three: Formatting Your Ebook
Day Four:Formatting Your Ebook

This is day three, and today I am going to spend some time formatting my ebook.

Depending on where you upload your book, and there are a lot of options for you to choose from.

For this example I am uploading my book to kindle. If you use KDP then just know it needs to stay there for 3 months before you send it anywhere else…

The reason I choose kindle, is because I buy a ton of ebooks, and I don’t even own a kindle, but I have aps on my computer, notebooks, phone, and everywhere else, so I can read no matter where I am. So, if I'm buying my stuff there I know millions of others are doing the same.

This could be the most important part...formatting, if you don’t spend some time formatting then it can turn out really bad when it gets uploaded to the kindle. If you dont get this right, then you will receive bad reviews for formatting, and then you wont sell a thing...

I will be honest, I use a software program to format my ebooks. It literally takes less than 15 seconds to run a word document through it. It gives me a MOBI file back, which is accepted by amazon and an ok format for kindles.

The reason I use a program is because it produces a Table of Contents, takes out all the line breaks, and formats it for me…

I place a lot of H1 (Heading Ones) in my articles. You can use H2 or even H3…but the reason I do this is because when you go to generate a table of contents for your work, word recognizes those and will generate a table of contents using those headings…which is awesome…

I always place a title page, author page, table of contents…those are always the first three pages that I use. I also create a page describing the rights and copyright stuff for my work.

I place a border around my documents. If you are using word 7 then just go to page layout and hit the borders button. It just makes it look a little bit nicer.

I have a lot of templates that I give to those who have joined me in my teaching series. Article Marketing Strategy for 2013.

At the end of my documents I place a resource page. It is getting longer and longer because I create a lot of my own products. Which I also teach people how to do in my Article Marketing Strategy for 2013.

I send all this through my program, and then once I have my mobi file, I upload it to KDP.

It can take anywhere between 12-24 hours for it to be approved by Amazon and uploaded.

A couple of things to keep in mind when uploading it to KDP.

You get to choose categories your work fits in. When You are picking the categories be sure to look at all the categories KDP has created. You can either open your notepad and write down the ones you like, or write it on a piece of paper, whatever works best for you. Talk about instant research…trust me, Amazon would not have a category if it was not selling.

The other thing you can do, is you get seven keywords you get to enter. I go over to google keyword tool, and type in the niche or topic I’m writing about. I look for the search words people are using, and then I use those same keywords on my book. I even will use keywords for titles of books.

Again use what people are already looking for…acne gets nine million searches a month…

If you are using my Article Marketing Strategy and turning articles into ebooks, products, and membership sites, then make sure you let people know how many pages your ebook is and I even at times will add a (wc) at the end.

Ok so now, take your ebook and start formatting and get it uploaded…
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