Paid $500 Hundred to Affiliates Today...Were You one Of Them

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I just checked my affiliates and I'm up to 468 affiliates promoting our products. We need to triple that number but as I add more and more products to our affiliate program...the more affiliates we will add

I paid out a lot of money to affiliates today, and wanted to let you in on a secret. Even though I pay out close to 70% on a large majority of products. And have high converting products...the best affiliates are those who pre-sell the products.

Those who spend a little time pre-selling and knowing their lists, usually do really well with making money at affiliate marketing.

Sometimes it only takes a link in a buyer keyword in an email, or a blog post...

What I use to do, is pick one product I wanted to promote, and write about 20 articles on that one product. Within 30 days that was converting for me every week.

But make no mistake about it, affiliate marketing can make you a lot of money.

I have over 70 products that pay 70% and higher. We have a high conversion check out our products.

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