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This is normally the biggest stumbling block for new Internet Marketers. The
number of products you can market is so vast; it’s hard to know where to start
and whether your campaign will be profitable.

You may or may not take comfort from the fact that many people’s first
campaign isn’t profitable because you are still finding your feet or you’ve
simply picked something that’s either too competitive or not in demand.
Many say that you should pick a niche you are interested in and know a lot about. This will make it easier for you to write about the subject on your web pages or articles and it also means you shouldn’t have to do quite as much research as you are already in the mind of the buyer.

Even if your first outing isn’t profitable, you will learn a LOT from your efforts
which you will be able to apply to the next campaign. It doesn’t matter what your first niche is, most likely it’s going to be unsuccessful because you are on the learning stage. Be prepared also to make some mistakes along the way, it’s almost unavoidable but it is unlikely you will make those mistakes again.

If you are going to be an affiliate marketer promoting other people’s products,
then you will be relying on lots of sales to cover your costs if you are going to
use paid advertising methods. If you are using free methods however, it’s not
as important unless you want to make a living from it.

Here’s the big secret, although you can make money from any niche, to make
the big bucks, you first need to find a crowd of PEOPLE who are desperate for
a solution to their problem or are fanatical about a product.

Take two subjects, someone who has an interest in basket weaving and another
person who has just lost their job. Which one do you think is more desperate
for a solution? The answer of course is the second one.

How about somebody who wants to buy a new TV and somebody who thinks
their partner might be cheating on them? You can guarantee that although we
would all like a nice new TV, the person who’s worried they are being cheated
on will THINK about this many more times in the day. This is the key. There
are Clickbank products that can help solve these problems.

If on the other hand you are running a Google Adsense campaign, then you are
simply looking for a niche where lots of people are searching for a term so you
get lots of hits to your site. The more hits, the more advert clicks you will get
for which you get paid. Just make sure your term isn’t too competitive which
you will learn more about later.

Tip: Next time you go shopping, look around at all the different products
available and think to yourself, could that product solve somebody’s problem?
If it can, then how desperate a problem do you think that is for that person or crowd? It could be obscure like a product that happens to help keep a
traveling salesman stay alert when driving long distance in the car.

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