Link Building Tips - Are You Making These 3 Common Mistakes in Link Building?

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There are many websites and blogs that have been very successful at link building. These websites have increased their overall page ranking and now generate substantial amounts of web traffic that they were not experiencing prior to putting a link building strategy to use. However, there are more people that fail at link building than people who succeed.

If you don't want your own campaign to fail then avoid the three common mistakes made below:

Mistake #1: Many people use forums to promote and spread their websites links. However, if you join a forum and immediately begin posting your websites link without involving yourself in the community you will be taking on the role as a spammer. This will end up getting your account blocked on most forums and will generally get your websites link deleted from these forums.

Mistake #2: Don't run to websites and blogs that allow comments in your niche and simply begin spamming your websites link in the comments section. This is the same as doing so on a forum. Make yourself friendly and engage in commenting before tossing your link out there.

Mistake #3: Don't harass other website and blog owners to add your link to their websites. Many websites don't have a link back system in place or a friends section. This is their choice. You can't force anyone to link back to your website. If you constantly harass other website owners in your own niche, you will begin to earn a poor reputation for your own website which will drastically reduce the web-traffic that you get to our site.

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