Make Money with Kindle by Publishing Simple How to Books

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You have probably already heard that some people are making a lot of money by publishing on Kindle and would like to know how you can get a piece of the Kindle pie? There are plenty of different ways of making money on the platform from writing romance novels to creating serialized fiction to publishing your memoirs. But one easy place to get started is with publishing simple how to guides.

A how to guide solves a simple problem that would be too short for a traditionally published book to cover. It answers a gap in the market where there may currently be no competition. It is lowly priced making it a "no brainer" decision on the part of the buyer and it is usually relatively short in length and quick to produce.

In order to write our simple how to book we are going to use information that is freely available on the internet. You might then wonder why someone would pay for our book. Surely they could look up this information for themselves? However this is not the case as we will be presenting all of the information that they need in one simple place and in an easy to read and follow format. We are researchers as much as writers and that is what will make our book an easy sell.

Firstly you need to find a problem that people have. Luckily if there is one thing that is not in short supply in the world it is problems. Two good places to get started are Yahoo Answers and the free Google Keyword tool. When searching through yahoo answers look for questions that are constantly coming up. When using the Google keyword tool start by typing "how to" and performing a broad search. Make a list of possible problems that you would like to solve on either an excel spreadsheet or a notepad.

Once you have your problem that you are going to solve start the research phase. Google search is a great way to get started but forums often have a lot of useful information. You may also find that Yahoo answers can supply you with some of the answers to your problems. Copy and paste information as you search into a word file. This will be the basis of your research.

Once you have your research complied you need to rewrite it into a useable and easy to follow format. Remember you are using this as the basis of your research but you are not outright copying. Try and look for a simple formula that people can apply which will consistently solve the problem they are trying to solve.

After your book is complete designing a cover or outsource it cheaply to a cover designer on Use the keyword for your problem in the title. For some long tail keywords people have had success building back links to the Amazon sales page and getting the book ranked highly in Google. Amazon has a lot of authority and so ranking these pages can be relatively easy.

Publish the book pricing the book in the 99 cent - $2.99 price range and get your friends and family to provide a few reviews to get the ball rolling. You can also use KDP select and giveaway your book for 1- 2 days for a quick promotional boost.

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