How To Write Catchy Articles

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It’s no secret that some authors write their articles in such a boring way that some their audience leaves without even reading it all the way through

Here I’ll give you a couple of tips that will make sure that your readers will not leave until they read your article from the beginning to the end!

You and Yours

It’s important to use the words “You” and “Yours” in your article as much as possible. Readers love when it feels like the author communicates with them; it keeps a stable relationship between a reader and an author.

How and Ways

I know it’s a little on an obvious side, but if it’s possible try to use the word “How” or “Ways” as a first word of your title or headline if your article is in some way informative. There are thousands of people that put the words “How” and “How to” or “Ways to” in Google search. So if there are two articles, one of which is called “How To Set Up Your HD TV For the First Time” and the other one is called “Setting Up A Samsung HD TV”, guess which one will rank first and be more popular.


How often do you see an article that states “free giveaway inside” Some authors include those in their article. Therefore it makes readers automatically read the whole article just to find how and what they’re going to win. So if you have something to give away for free, doesn’t have anything fancy, a digital product or e-book would do just fine, that tactic might come in handy.


Some authors make the same mistake. They thing the word “article” means a hundred percent serious. That is a hundred percent wrong. An overly serious article material is deadly at times and makes the reader fall asleep. I’m not saying that you should put a joke on every single paragraphs, but still, a little of humor every now and then will definitely be a plus when its appropriate.

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