eBay: Is It Worth It These Days???

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As you know, America's economy is not well. Many people are losing their jobs, so people are seeking for any opportunity to make money online.

Our subject today will be eBay, the largest online auction in the world. With over 150 million users worldwide, it seems like a great way to make money for a lot of us.

With that being said, being an eBay seller, and actually making an income rather than just desperately selling your stuff to make extra cash is not exactly a cakewalk!

So the question is should I even bother with eBay these days? Well it really

depends. A lot of people make a common mistake of thinking just because eBay has millions of visitors every day, anything would be sold, which is not true. People aren't really that stupid. Remember, people go to eBay to buy things cheap and not to sell them expensive.

The reason why some veteran eBay sellers quit eBay lately is simply because of the obnoxious fees that both eBay and PayPal are charging. eBay charges a host of fees for almost everything including, insertion fees, starting price fees, "buy it now" fees as well as fees for special features such as highlighted borders and featured gallery. If your item doesn't sell, you will still have to pay these charges.

However, there still tons of sellers who sell an eBay and make a five or even six figure income per year. So that obviously means, if they can do it so can you. However, most of them are power sellers, which most likely mean, they started their eBay career back in the nineties. In the nineties, eBay was completely different. Fees weren't so nasty, and the whole internet auction thing was new and innovative, so it was like a step to a new generation back then.

If you are just starting as an eBay seller, it's going to be real tough for you. Right now, eBay now limits the amount of items you can sell as well as what types of payments you can accept. Not too long ago, eBay created a new policy which can hold the payment you receive for up to twenty one days.

Also, if you're to become an eBay seller, you absolutely must have a PayPal account (PayPal is owned by eBay) and that is an absolute must. You can't be an eBay seller without one of these, and opening a PayPal account can be really frustrating for some people.

Again, it is absolutely possible to make a real stable income with just doing eBay full time, I used to be an eBay seller myself, and right now I'm actually trying to get back to it and test some things. More eBay stuff to come....

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