Secrets of Turning Your Blogs Into Residual Money Machines

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We have heard of bloggers making hundreds of dollar from their blog and it sounds like an easy job to do. But there a few things that you have to know first before you can consider blog writing as a career. Here are some tips that will help you get the initial start:

Tip #1: Have a reasonable expectation -- it is good to aim high in your moneymaking quest, but expect a slow start. You can start a blog right this moment but you will need to work hard on it and for quite some time before you start earning money out of it.

Tip #2: Before you sign up for any moneymaking program, you need to have your blog site up and going. Choose a topic that you feel most passionate about or strength. For example: if you have knowledge of travel then start writing a travel blog.

Tip #3: Revenue programs will not sign you up immediately. They would need to see some of your post, depending on their preference; it could take anywhere from a couple of days' to a few months' work.

Tip #4: Find more stories to keep your readers interested. Keeping your readers' interest will keep your advertisers' interest. Your stories or blog posts can have wide and varied topics or subjects but remember one thing: keep your blog clean - avoid promotion of illegal activities and porn.

There are a lot of ways to make money with your blog, apart from traditional banner advertising. You can look at text ads, affiliate programs and pay-per-post opportunities. You will require a lot of patience and creativity to ensure the success of your blog.

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