Social Networking Tips - 3 Reasons to Use Twitter Now

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Twitter is a different kind social marketing tool. It is nothing like Facebook, Myspace or even Propeller and Digg. It's a lot like blogging but it's not really blogging. So what is it and how does one profit from it?

It is one part blogging and one part chat. To be exact, micro blogging, as you only get to write 140 characters per post. So, why is there so much hype about Twitter? Here's why:

1. Immediacy

The immediate interaction with other Twitter members is one of the reasons marketers like using this venue in their marketing efforts. This gives you a chance to interact with your followers (customers) in a way that a regular blog space doesn't allow you to. Also, you get to comment on sites like MySpace. Lastly, you can use your cell phone to update your readers on what you are doing - talk about real-time blogging.

2. Everyone Is Using Twitter

You get closer to your customers if you position yourself right where they are. Your competitions may be well ahead of you on this one, so, why not jump on the bandwagon? If you don't adapt to the online world and take advantage of online applications like Twitter, no doubt, you'll lose customers and be left behind by your competitors.

3. Short and to The Point

Limiting characters to 140 is enough space where you can communicate to your customers without bombarding them with too much marketing messages. Your customers will appreciate short messages more than a novel-long pitch.

If you're not yet using Twitter, you may as well start. It's a great marketing channel for your online marketing efforts.

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