Are Traffic Exchanges Worth Using?

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Traffic Exchanges have been around for many years and many internet marketers say they are worthless. However, one of the fastest ways to figure out whether traffic exchanges or any other marketing method works is to look and see if others are using them. If traffic exchanges didn't work, they wouldn't exist and they certainly wouldn't be multiplying like crazy.

The bottom line, traffic exchanges work but you must use them correctly. Here's a plan you can use to make money for the exchanges without spending all day surfing for the rest of your life.

A Quick 1-hour Surfing Plan to Make Money with Traffic Exchanges

Step #1 - Join 12 - 36 Traffic Exchanges

You need to join at least a dozen exchanges because you need to put your site in front of as many people as possible on as many exchanges as possible. In addition, as you earn credits with one exchange, you will reach a point where the traffic isn't coming to your site fast enough and you have a stockpile of credits. By using more than just a couple exchanges, you can avoid this and actually get more traffic every week.

Step #2 - Choose 2-5 Offers to Promote

You can make money with only one offer, but you will do better with multiple offers. I like to promote two of my own offers and three others from programs I've joined free of charge or for very cheap. Choose a few offers that allow you to build a list within them and concentrate on feeding subscribers into the system. It will cost you a little money, at first, but building a list is much easier than selling anything on the exchanges.

Step #3 - Set up Splash Pages and Squeeze Pages

If you join programs already established and set up for the exchanges, they will often give you splash pages and squeeze pages for promotion. These work best because you only have a limited amount of time to actually get someone to take action. You want to build a list, so any offer of your own, you will need a short and to the point squeeze page to allow surfers to take quick action.

Step #4 - Set up your Surfing Plan

I started out by just surfing one hour a day, six days a week because that's all the time I had. I split it up between 24 exchanges, at first and surfed for a half hour on six, and then another half hour on the next six. This allowed me to surf every exchange three times a week and get enough credits to give me about 10,000 - 15,000 visit per month. You can set up your plan however, you see fit with the time you have, but I recommend splitting your time daily between at least 12 exchanges.

Step #5 - Upgrade to Pro

The major step most surfers never take is upgrading to a pro membership. This will cost a little bit of money every month, but most exchanges are less than $10 a month to upgrade. I started by upgrading one exchange at a time as I could afford to. The upgraded membership will give you monthly credits, shorter surf timers and many other benefits. You also gain larger commissions from any members you refer.

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