Traffic Exchanges Stink

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Ha! You fell for it and now you are reading an article that isn't about how traffic exchanges stink. Sure, you can search for information about how traffic exchanges don't work and you will find plenty of people stating they never had success with them. In fact, I just had a referral of mine surf on two different exchanges, and then email me to say my training didn't work for him.

The problem is, I know for an ABSOLUTE FACT, that traffic exchanges work. They help pay my bills every month and are responsible for taking me from a full time freelance writer to a part time writer with a side income. I am not far from turning my traffic exchange income into a full time income capable of supporting my family and me. Of course, this doesn't matter much to you, but the truth is, they work, when used correctly.

You see, the guy that emailed me to say my training doesn't work missed most of what I teach. He only signed up with two exchanges and only spent enough time to earn a few hundred traffic credits. He assumed that if he put in a few hours he'd suddenly be rich and that's not what I or anybody else teaches about traffic exchanges. You have to put in the consistent work, but that's the case with any marketing strategy.

How to Profit from Traffic Exchanges

Consistency is the key to profiting with traffic exchanges. You need consistent traffic feeding free subscribers into a program helping them to make money. This sounds more difficult than it is, but with the right system or systems, you can easily earn monthly commissions from a number of different products. Let me break it down for you.

Traffic exchange users need a few specific things to become successful. They need:
  • Traffic Exchanges - Usually a few dozen if not more
  • An Autoresponder - Most charge a monthly fee, which means a monthly commission for affiliates
  • Hosting - Not necessary with the right program, but certainly helpful
  • An offer - Something to give away to their subscribers
  • Series of Follow up messages - These promote products and help earn you commissions

Without all these things, a surfer trying to make money will most likely fail. You cannot just pick up an affiliate link from ClickBank and start sending traffic to it expecting to make a ton of money. Most surfers won't spend money while they are surfing, unless it's on more traffic. However, if you can get them to sign up to your list with a free offer, they may spend money with you later on.

Delayed gratification is a large part of internet marketing and with traffic exchanges, it's vital to your success. Understand, you need to send massive amounts of traffic to your offer to build up your network, but once you build it, you can let it earn you money on autopilot.

How do Surfers Make Money?

Surfers make money in a few different ways. Here's the most popular ways:
  • Sell a product in the internet marketing niche
  • Refer others to traffic exchanges and earn monthly commissions if they upgrade to a paid membership
  • Refer others to an autoresponder
  • Refer others to a hosting company
  • Promote and sell tools that fit with internet marketing
  • Offer a membership or sell their own product

The best part about this type of strategy is that you can earn money from many different sources. Multiple streams of income really help internet marketers survive and once you have a good network of others working your system or the one you choose to promote, you will earn money every month they remain members with the autoresponder, hosting and other traffic exchanges.

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