How to Explode Your Mailing List With Five Simple Steps

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Although email marketing may seem too easy to do, many email marketers have not actually succeeded in this kind of business because of the list attrition rate. The email marketing business thrives by the number of leads they get than unsubscribes. Getting a minimum of 100 subscribers a day can be difficult; however, it's possible. Here are 5 ways to explode your mailing list on Autopilot.

1. Get the link of your squeeze page out to high-trafficked forums - one of the most visited places online. But, don't just flood these forums with your link and advertising messages. This will only hurt your chances of getting subscriptions. Be professional with your approach by posting informative stuff or interacting with interesting topics. Make sure you have a nice signature file that includes your link. When people like the information you provided, they will likely want to know more about you and they will click your link.

2. Buy an article marketing software that will help you post articles to various article directories. Obviously, you will be writing and posting several articles a day. But if you don't like that, you can hire writers to do the contents and post the articles manually or automatically using the software.

3. Set-up an affiliate program with PayDotCom or Clickbank. You can offer commissions to people who can send subscribers to your squeeze page. Many email marketers attest that this is a good strategy to blast your list on autopilot.
4. Opt for a win-win approach by setting-up ad swaps with other email marketers. Make sure they have a list though. You can promote other marketers' products and offers to your list, which will be reciprocated by promoting your squeeze page to theirs as well.

5. You can act as a contributor and participate in some Internet marketing giveaway offers. This way, you can use your referral link by promoting the event. If you are looking for means on leveraging the efforts of other marketers and growing your list at the same time, this approach is definitely the best!

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