7 BulletProof Tactics to Make Your List Building More Profitable

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Here is a list of 7 tips which will help you instantly when it comes to building your lists

These tactics and tips work in ANY NICHE so don't think it's just the Internet Marketing niche because it isn't.

After surveying some segments of my list these 7 things which I'm going to go through here seem to be some common problems that people face when it comes to building a list.

So lets get stuck right in to the Meat and Potatoes of the content :-)

How To Create a Good Squeeze Page?

1. Use a professional looking template. I use optimize press and I have been for over 2 years and it's all I use these days to create all of my squeeze pages. Using a professional looking squeeze page will not guarantee you good results on it's own but it certainly plays a big part of the overall success of how well your squeeze page converts.

2. Be specific on what you are giving away. I wouldn't recommend using broad based squeeze pages saying things like "enter your email below to see how to make to make $974.38 dollars a day without even getting out of bed"

You only want to build a list of highly targeted prospects and this will make it much easier too when it comes to selling them your paid product because you know exactly what they are interested in.

3. Include curiosity filled bullet points. Creating good bullet points takes practice and is a fine art but once you master them they can make a massive difference in your conversions, both on squeeze pages and on sales pages.

An example of a good bullet point is : "1 weird Free traffic method I use to add 30 - 50 subscribers to my list every day"

(You can look at other peoples squeeze pages to get more ideas and tips)

Bullet points should only really create lots of curiosity and desire and this makes people take action which is obviously what we are after. You should never reveal everything within the bullet point, just a taste of what they get leaving them wanting to find out more.

4. Include your opt in form above the fold. This also helps too if you have a longish squeeze page. I usually have videos on my squeeze pages so by having the opt in form above the fold it will be in plain view while they are watching my video which then increases the chance of them opting in.

5. Use a good headline with lots of power words which induce action. Here is a list of some power words that you can use on your squeeze pages to create more attention. There are lots more but these a good start.

Power, Fast, Whopping, Ultimate, Blasting, Crazy, Burning, Overdrive, Warp Speed, Profits, Secrets, Closely Guarded, Proven, Free, Discover, Blueprint, Insane, Explosive, Exploit, De-Bunked, Forced, Sky Rocket, Extreme, Jaw Dropping, Mouth Watering, Weird, Boosts, Super, Extra, Jumpstart, Killer, Surprising, Little known, Melting, Blazing, Unleash, Avalanche, Tsunami, Hot, Power packed, Spark, Mind blowing, Mesmerising, Incredible, High powered, Electrifying, Awesome, Blockbuster, Rocket-Launch, Turbo boost, Explode, Ignite

How to Know What OTO Will Convert to Sales?

Your OTO stands for one time offer and usually it's not actually only shown one time. I personally like to use the term "low ticket product"

Knowing what type of OTO will convert well into sales for you is very simple.

Basically the closer related the paid product is to your free produt/gift which you give away on your squeeze page the higher your conversions will be for your paid offer.

It's all about flow. Remember that because if you are having problems with conversions on your OTO most of the time it will be because of the flow. If you were to give away a Free ebook on how to make money on youtube and then sell a product for your OTO for say $10 on how to make money with adsense, your conversions will be absolutely dreadful 99% of the time. You will of course get the odd sale but generally your campaign will be a disaster.

Let me give you 3 of my Killer tips when it comes to making more OTO sales and increasing your conversions. These alone will probably save you hundreds of hours of testing

1. Firstly if you are giving an Ebook away as your free gift to people that join your list then make sure your product is an Ebook format of some description.

2. If you're giving away any videos as your free gift then make sure that your paid product is a video course too.

3 - And thirdly (this works awesome and it's exactly what I do) What you need to do is create your complete product in what ever niche you are in. If you make it video (which I highly recommend) say if you have 12 step by step videos as your paid product, give 3 - 5 of them away as your free gift. This is an absolute killer technique to get much higher conversions on your paid product within your email follow up campaign.

Remember what I said? You need to keep everything flowing and highly related and you can't get anymore related than it being part of the same course.

If you do this you can market your paid product as simply "an Upgrade" and it's far easier to make a sale. This is exactly how I started building my list when I used to do adsense. I gave away some free adsense videos and then the rest were an upgrade and that is exactly what I still do.

How to deliver Your Free Gift/Ebook/Videos/Course to your Subscriber?

After someone has opted into your squeeze page you then of course need to give them their free gift/course or ebook.

The best way to do this which I have found is to create and set up a download page where you have their free gifts and then include this page in your auto-responder which gets sent out as soon as someone joins your list.

On your download page you give them their free gifts as well as an option to upgrade to the full/paid product. This page is also an opportunity where you can include links to other products that you may have which would benefit them.

This is by far the most effective way to deliver your free information because straight after the opt in you can send them to your OTO/low ticket product.

Even if in some areas of your marketing you don't include a OTO/low ticket product after their opt in it's still important to deliver their free information in the first follow up because this conditions them to open your emails.

How to Get People to Buy From You?

This is actually easier than you think. It comes down to 3 things. They have to like you, know you and trust you.

Sure, you will get the odd impulse buyer which spends money with you but generally people are loyal and will not part with their hard earned money unless they feel like they know someone well enough, trust someone enough and they like them.

This is where your email marketing comes into play.

Your email marketing is your chance to build all 3 of those elements. It won't happen overnight but it will happen if you do things correctly. This is why it's such a waste of time, effort and money if you just send all your traffic direct to a sales page because most of the time those 3 elements will not be present.

If you set up your email campaigns effectively with the correct balance you will start to see that some people purchase the very next day after liking your free gift which you gave them. Others may take an extra day, another person may take a few more days while for some people it may take weeks and even months before they are ready to purchase from you.

The more expensive the product the more of these 3 elements have to be in place.

For a $10 product it will be fairly easy but if you sell a $97 right off the bat then you will generally be in for a rough ride.

This is why a customer is much more likely to purchase from you again because they have already shown their trust in you once and if you put the right offer in front of them at the right time they may purchase again even if the price is much higher and you have a solution to their problem.

What Email Subject Lines Work Well to Get People to Open Your Emails?

You need to be different and stand out. If you just use the same old boring subject lines that people expect then you're going to find it very difficult to get many of your subscribers to open your emails. The best way that I have found is to use subject lines that spike curiosity. Your task at this point is ONLY to get someone to open your email. You should be creating blind email subject lines so that people cannot find out what exactly you are talking about so they need to open your email to find out the full story.

That being said you still need to use your subject lines wisely and still deliver on what you either promised in the subject line or continue your email around the topic of your subject line. If you just use random subject lines like "I'm giving up Internet Marketing" but then you go straight into something completely un related then expect to lose a lot of trust and credibility because this is exactly what will happen if you just use subject lines like that to just get people to open your emails.

The subject lines that have worked well for me are ones that create some interest, curiosity, controversy and/or entertainment of some kind.

Believe it or not, my best subject lines that I have used actually have nothing or very little to do with Internet Marketing or business of any kind. Below are some of my recent subject lines that I have used which have worked well.

1 StarBucks Coffee = Big Traffic and FAST
Start the Year with a BANG
This is a Knockout Punch
Crazy Fish Guy's $120+ per day Method

So as you can see, these are pretty different to your average Internet Marketing subject lines. Even with the last example, I use an entertaining description of "crazy fish guy"

What ever you do try to put your own spin on things you will see that people react better to day to day personal things than they do to the normal garbage of "hey this makes you $12,764.73 each day check it out"

How Long Should an Auto-Responder / Follow up Sequence Be?

To make this easier to understand I will only focus on your prospects list because setting up follow up campaigns to your buyers lists works slightly different.

The first thing I will say is don't think that you need lots of follow up messages in place before you start building a list. As you're building your list you can go in everyday or every other day and add more follow up emails to your campaign. You only need say 3 email follow ups in place and then you can progress from there.

With regards to how long your entire sequence be, that is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong way but I would make it at least 7 - 14 days as a bare minimum.
One thing which you have to remember when building a list is some people will purchase your product straight away while others may take 6 months before buying from you, this is just the way it works so it makes sense for you to have a lot of follow ups in place going out over many weeks and even months.

Some people even have en entire years worth of follow ups going out after someone opts in.

One thing I will say is make sure you take into consideration the niche that you are in and the content which you set up in your follow emails because the information that you share today needs to still be effective and current in 12 months time. If you're only using a fairly short follow up sequence say over a couple of weeks then you can go in and edit them as and when is required but even if you have a shorter sequence you should really still be making sure that the content you provide now is still current and effective in 12 months time. This will save you so much time and will be much easier to run and grow your business.

So I guess you're wondering how I structure my sequence?

Ok I will tell you

(this is just for my prospect sequence remember)

It goes something like this 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2,2,3,3,3,3

They are the days apart which my messages get sent out.

The first 7 days that someone enters your list is the most crucial because this is when they are most interested so this is why I follow up every day. Then after 7 days I drop to every 2 days and then after a another week I drop it to every 3 days and that is where I keep things. Every 3 days is plenty good enough.

I currently have around 30 days of follow ups but I add more all the time so at some point I will have 6+ months worth of email follow up messages set up

I hope that gives you a better understanding on what you need to be doing when it comes to how long your follow up sequence should be and how you structure it.

How to Build Traffic to Your Squeeze Page?

I saved this one till last because it's one of the biggest problems people face.

Before I tell you what you should be doing for traffic you need to do something else first. This is something that most people NEVER tell you, instead they just keep filling your head with traffic method after traffic method.

This is serious so listen up!

You NEED to have your system set up BEFORE you start driving traffic!

It's no good you going out there and trying to send traffic if you have no system in place to take care of that traffic.

What I mean is you need to have the basic foundation laid out.

You need your:
  • Squeeze page which converts at at least 30%
  • Free gift set up and your download page set up and monetized .
  • Your low ticket/OTO offer set up. (optional but very effective)
  • Follow up emails in place (at least 3)
These are the basic things which you need set up but you can add things and expand your sales funnel as you go.

Once you have these items in place you can then go out there and start driving traffic to your squeeze page.

You are now building an asset (your email list) and every bit of effort you put into driving traffic will be worth it because you are building your email list rather than just sending traffic direct to an affiliate offer or sales page.

Now...this brings us onto TRAFFIC and how to get lots of it to your squeeze page

Firstly I am NOT going to give you x50 different traffic methods for you to use to start building your list because to be honest I know you will just get information overload and not end up doing anything. Not only that but these few traffic methods that I share below are more than enough for you to start sending a Tsunami of traffic back to your squeeze page each and every day.

1. Forums - Yes you may already know about this one but believe me when I say you can drive massive traffic back to your website from forums. The traffic is lazer targeted and they DO BUY because I make quite a few sales every week just from forum traffic. Simply leave 5 - 10 good helpful comments per day making sure you have a link to your squeeze page in your signature. I also have a link to this blog too which helps to increase my traffic. Once you gain a bit of momentum and get quite a few comments out there and you post consistently you can easily build 10 - 20 subscribers a day just from a forum

2. Youtube - There is an absolute boat load of traffic to be had from youtube. If you don't have videos on youtube then you are losing out on a lot of free traffic. All you need to do is create 2 - 3 videos a week and upload them to your youtube account. Make sure you have a link to either your squeeze page under the video or leading back to your blog. You don't need to do any more than creating 2 - 3 videos per week for youtube in order to see a nice steady amount of traffic back to your site/squeeze page.

4. Google alerts - This is one of my secret weapons on how to get more targeted traffic back to your website. It's one of the most underused traffic methods out there (probably because no one knows about it) It's really simple to set up and using this traffic method you get the most lazer targeted traffic possible for your niche. I did a previous post about this method. You can see exactly how this method works Here.

5. Solo Ads - This is in my opinion one of the best ways to generate fast targeted traffic to build your list. I did a case study last year where I built over 1000 subscribers into my list using solo ads in a matter of weeks. They are a great traffic source to use in combination with free traffic method to give your list a nice boost of subscribers every now and again. Solo Ads can also be very profitable if you have a good sales funnel and offer set up. Best tips when using solo ads

6. Your Blog - I will put this as plain as I can. If you're not building a blog within your niche you are making things much harder for yourself. Now... before you start thinking "but I can't blog Paul" or "there's no way I can blog 3 times a week I simply don't have time"

Ahemm.. I never ever blog 3 - 4 times per week?

I only create new blog posts when I have something very important or very interesting and helpful to say. So I could create 2 posts 1 week and then not create another post for another 3 weeks.

I have NEVER classed myself as an actual "blogger"

In fact, I throw every blogging rule out of the window when I blog.

By having a blog you make it 10 times easier for yourself to provide value to your subscribers rather than just sending them a long drawn out email all the time because on your blog they can interact with you and leave comments.

I simply use a blog for creating good content for my subscribers. By using your blog as the content platform you do get many other benefits as well such as.

1. Building more traffic to build your list.
2. Branding yourself as an authority in your industry.
3. Building a better relationship with your subscribers.
4. The ability to have your blog content shared across the web (link bait) which sends you even more traffic.

Well there you have it, those are 5 bullet proof traffic methods that you SHOULD be making the most of. By ONLY using those 5 traffic methods you will be able to generate more traffic than you could ever possibly need if you use them effectively.

Forget about using 30 different traffic sources because you will just get information overload and not actually do anything.

If you're fed up and still struggling to create an income online using a proven system then Click Here to Download your FREE List Building Course on How You Can Make $30 - $100 Per Day Online Using A Simple List Building System that anyone Can Copy
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