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Article Spinning is dead. Ever heard that statement before? However, I use article spinning on a daily basis creating fresh easily readable articles that in Google's mind is unique. Wished you could just throw an article into a system, and have it randomly pick real works that flow with the sentence for you automatically then spit out a fresh unique article you could use? Or have you wanted to throw an article into a system and allow you to choose certain words just by clicking on them and creating your own spintax easily? My answer to those questions would be have you ever tried Spin Rewriter before?

If you aren't familiar with what article spinning is let's spend some time discussing it here. Spinning an article means to take random words and changing them to similar words thus creating a unique article. For example, if you the sentence "the cat jumped over the ball" and then you replaced it with "the kitty leaped over the toy" then it means basically the same to the reader yet Google would treat the sentences as both unique. Now technically that isn't spinning an article. That's basically adding spintax format to an article and then the article spinner will select the random spintax words and put together the article making it unique. Using the same sentence as above, spintax format would be :

The {cat|kitty} {jumped|leaped} over the {ball|toy}

Now with that type of spintax, you could make 8 different sentences out of that. Anything within the { } can be chosen and you separate the word options with a | . Now what if you took that sentence and instead made it like this:

The {cat|feline|kitten|kitty|pet|pussy-cat|pet cat} {jumped|leapt|hopped|surged|bounced|vaulted|somers aulted|hurtled} over the {ball|toy|round object|bouncy ball|bouncy toy}

Then now you can make 280 different variations of that same sentence. Each variation would basically mean the same to the reader but not to Google.

Now that you understand spintax, taking an article and adding spintax to most words in it would give it many different combinations, in fact for most 500+ word articles it's fairly easy to create billions of variations. However, having to manually add the format to each word by yourself can be a tedious task and basically can burn you out. You can have pay people to do this or purchase software to add spintax. However, once you have an article with spintax, you'll need to get it spun so it will be a unique article in the end. Wouldn't it be nice to just grab any old random article, throw it in a system and let it do all of this for you? Also, wouldn't it be nice to have a system that can recognize words and give you options so you can choose the ones you want to add to your spintax? Now you can with Spin Rewriter.

Spin Rewriter isn't a new system, it's been around for a few years now. It's currently in version 3.0, and getting better and better as more people use it. This is an online program that you can purchase a membership to, then you can paste an article (or if you have a ton of articles it can read them from a file) into it and either have it choose the words it thinks would be best for you (you can adjust the settings) or you can manually edit the words as you go through the article yourself. It's not downloadable software, so you can access it by any system and you can get to it anywhere too.

I use Spin Rewriter to create some very unique articles that read very well. You can then take either the article with spintax and put it into your favorite program and allow it to spin different variations of it and upload them or you can have Spin Rewriter spin some articles for you and either save it as a file or you can just copy and paste it into a document. It makes it so easy. Once you get the hang of the system, you can go through a 600 word article and manually select words for basically the entire article and have spintax that could create billions of different articles on this subject fairly quickly. It normally takes me about 30-60 minutes to go through a 600-700 word article and manually select what spintax words I want. Now most of the time they are very unique articles and the final version after it's spun will be very readable too and that is why I do this.

If you have never tried Spin Rewriter, you should give the 5 day free trial a spin (no pun intended). You can use all the features of Spin Rewriter during these 5 days and then you can cancel anytime during the free trial if you don't want to use it anymore. However, if you do you can pay monthly (I think it's around $27 month right now) or you can pay the annual price of around $60. If you want to try out Spin Rewriter click here and select either monthly or annual and get started with your free trial today.
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