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Niche Finder Software

Do you want to find hot niches with a click of a button? Do you want to dissect a huge market into small niches? We'll get into that in just a moment...

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Here's what I'd like a niche finder software to do

Segmentation of a market can take a lot of time... and even when you do all the leg work, if the market is big enough you will always lose sight of couple of angles you didn't think off.

Here are some simple ideas that will help you find niches in big markets:

1) Research book summaries on Amazon and note down their chapters and summaries. I'm pretty sure that will spark some ideas.

2) Research magazines and products that cater to your market. Let's take for instance weight loss. I'm pretty sure you know there's a a current trend for finding the right ingredients to produce a natural health supplement that will help you lose weight and that always produces new niches like .. **** berry.. or african mango.. or other berries. Other people will want to lose weight by doing exercises at home .. that's another niche with hundreds of products to sell .. other people want to lose weight to go to the beach and not be ashamed of their body in the summer.. and so on.

Ideally you can identify all of the niches, but it can take months of your time.

3) Research articles online on big aggregation sites and news sites. That's pretty straightforward.

Now, I didn't find any good niche finder software online, but I kinda build my own. What it does is it goes through big content sites and searches for your keywords. In a few seconds it comes back with articles written by other people and how they are found on Google. It takes a lot of explaining on how it works, but the process is simple: enter keywords and get a list of ideas of sub niches and easy to rank keywords. A powerful combo.

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The Final Missing Piece

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Gabriel "Your IM Coach" Cojocaru
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