How to Make $1200 by Simply Writing Articles

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This article can show how you can simply earn $1200 by only writing articles. It is a very simple plan which if properly executed will give the desired results. It is an easy method but will require some hard work from your side in the initial periods of work. You will have to spend some time for making it work but will not be costing you very much especially after the initial struggle. It is a tried and tested system which will help you build a formidable foundation for your online business for your entire life.

This system also involves duplication. For example, if an article is having x visitors then 10 articles will be having 10x visitors and therefore make 10x sales. This is what I am going to show in this article. Making money with this system is just a number game. The reason why many of them fail in the internet business is the lack of consistency and not being able to track their articles to get those numbers. I will show a method of using these numbers:

FIRST STEP: You will have to choose a product which you want to sell and write articles about it for the promotion of your product. If you haven't yet selected your product, search for a suitable product now. It can be a product of your own or an affiliated program.

SECOND STEP: Start writing an interesting article related to your niche. You can refer to various articles or e-books which can guide you on writing articles. It is very simple and you can just write the article as if you were explaining it to a friend of yours.

THIRD STEP: Search for a good article distribution service which will be needed for the distribution of your articles. For the distribution of my articles I use article marketer. There are many other softwares and some of them come for free. So search for a suitable service as soon as possible.

FOURTH STEP: Get yourself a link tracking system. You need to determine conversion ratios for your web sites and track various visitors visiting your site through articles. After getting a tracking system, place the tracking link at the resource box after the article. This will keep a track of all the visitors visiting your web site.

FIFTH STEP: Now the calculation part starts. Write down 10 articles and start submitting them to different directories. Keep a check on the tracking system for a few days. Consider that one article brought you 20 visitors, therefore 10 articles will bring 200 visitors to your web site. If the conversion ratio for your site is 2%, you made a profit of $30 each by selling 2 products. So you have made a profit of $60 by selling 2 products just by writing articles and submitting them. This means that each article has made you a profit worth $6. Now this is the magical number we are trying to track down. It is plain math. By doing y amount of work we earn x profits, therefore 2y work will help us earn 2x profit. 1 article has earned you $6 so 100 articles will earn you $600. So if you go about writing 200 articles each month you can end up making a total profit of $1200.

The sole aim of this article was to make you know that how simple planning and tracking can help you earn your desired profits. Get started as soon as possible.

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