Are you working on things that don't matter?

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One of the things I have discovered is that it is really easy online to get trapped into doing things, reading emails, watching things, wasting time, doing things that don't matter.

The thing is, the things themselves aren't the issue - but if you have 4 hours to work each day on your business, and you only end up actually working on it for 2 hours because of the distractions, are those things really helping you?

I have discovered that when I focus on specifically those things that add to my day, that add to my business, that add to my life, I get much more done.

I know that sounds simple, almost simplistic . . . but the thing is, in real life, it really works.

When you fill your schedule with the right things, and just don't do the things that don't matter, you get so much more done.

But when you don't schedule your day, then you end up doing these things that just don't matter.

And when you can do only the things that matter, your business can grow so very much faster.

Here's how to make this happen:

BTW, this is an iterative process.

Do this once every 3 months, and you will be amazed at how fast you grow:

1) Do a spreadsheet for one week with every hour accounted for

2) mark each hour as productive or non-productive

3) add up productive hours versus non-productive hours

4) Notice the pattern

5) Find 3 things to eliminate

6) Eliminate them

7) Find 3 things to spend 2x the time on

8) Double your time on them

This sounds really simple - but just do it! This could make a major shift in your productivity!

I hope this is helpful, and if you want more, watch this 7 minute video:

When you eliminate the top 3 time wasters in your life and replace them with 3 productive activities, your day will become more productive!

Sean Mize
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