How to Optimize Your Online Presence

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In order to obtain the greatest benefit from your online marketing activities, you must approach them systematically, not just collectively, but individually.

Here are four steps to help you do that.

1. Establish your authority by showing the breadth of what you know

Authority is about influence; getting people to take the action that you want them to take. And that means leadership.

True leaders have willing followers. If no one is following you, if no one is adopting your suggestions, and if no one is interested in your opinions, then you’re not leading them.

Now it could be that you just haven’t found a group of people who will. But the fact is that a comparatively few number of people actually lead. And so when they do, people come out of the woodwork to follow. They’re looking for leaders.

One way in which you can lead is by making your wider market aware of your conceptual, big picture understanding of the space where their problems live. That is, that you see their problems as part of a much larger context.

2. Demonstrate you’re an expert by the depth of what you know

Expertise is shown by the kinds of questions you ask. The more penetrating the question, the deeper your knowledge.

Novices want to know what to do. They’re just starting. They see others enjoying a measure of success in something that interests them, but they have no idea how to get there.

Journeymen know what to do, but can’t see a path that they are confident enough to walk in that will get them there. And so they want someone to show them the way.

Experts want to know why. Why these tasks? Why these steps and not some others? Why do some people buy one product, but not another? What does this sales letter work, but not that one?

3. Create and publish unique, high-quality content consistently in the places where your target market hangs out

The people that you help the most hang out in different places than those in someone else’s niche. And that means that you have to put yourself in their path.

Think of a marathon. The runners are all following the same route. Where are the feeding stations? They’re along the route. No runner is going to leave the route in order to get a snack or something to drink. If you want to feed a runner, then you have to be where the runners are.

It’s only as the run past you that they have the opportunity to see if the food you have to offer is any different from what everyone else has to offer.

And if what you offer them is the same as everyone else, then the runner will grab the one that is the easiest to get. Not necessarily yours.

Your vittles have to be where they can be easily obtained and more desirable than anyone else’s.

4. Promote buzz around your expertise and opinions

Buzz comes from excitement, and excitement depends on interaction. If you want people to be excited about you, then you have to interact with them whenever you can and on their level.

You have to meet them where they are and as often as you can.

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