Has your business fully embraced AI?

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Given that practically everyone's joining the AI train, it comes to no surprise that almost every business has at once point used AI.

So, has your business fully embraced AI? Why or why not?

Chime in.
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    Originally Posted by WarriorForum.com View Post

    Given that practically everyone's joining the AI train, it comes to no surprise that almost every business has at once point used AI.

    So, has your business fully embraced AI? Why or why not?

    Chime in.
    I'd say it depends on what you mean by "fully embraced"?

    That could mean and imply several levels of integrations and use, and that could also depends on your business type. The butcher of your quarter has yet to discover how AI could help him sell more meat.

    Now, fully embracing, that could also means either using AI for content creation or not, or using AI for business processes automation or not, or even using both.

    On the other hand, I absolutely do not believe that "everyone's joining the AI train", let alone that "every business has at once point used AI", yet. I believe such statement to be more based on assumption than on real facts.

    Or maybe that could be the case, but for the majority of online marketing industry people then I would say MANY have tried to use AI. Embraced it? I don't believe so even from that market.

    Moreover, I even believe there is a certain level of resistance and the reason is simple. So much unscrupulous 'marketers' out there have SOLD, and still are selling, the hype of using AI as in a new scam series called this time "get-rich-quick-with-AI". They're using sales letters literally FULL OF BS and LIES to sell masses CRAP software, bundled with more crap that absolutely does NOT work as advertised.

    It's NEW, AI is new and still people don't understand yet, all the implication of it nor HOW to use it properly in order to get REAL quality results out of it, NOT HYPE with sh.tty results, and yet caught in great deception.

    Listen, ABSOLUTELY NO SOFTWARE will be good enough to make someone rich or have a better business etc. Because, this is exactly what it is, AI IS A SOFTWARE, a TOOL, like many other software tools we have all been using for years in online businesses of all kinds, and NO tool will make anyone "rich"...

    A hammer, even the best in the world will make no carpenter rich. But, if the carpenter can make things that surpasses all competition with that SAME hammer, THEN he could become rich, but he still need to keep going and persist in offering the same quality of work, even though he's using the exact same hammer as any other carpenters.

    It's only a TOOL!

    Now of course, when he started he might have hit his thumbs a few times, right, but then HE LEARNED TO USE the hammer PROPERLY, and then created things to "get-rich".

    Now, we need to apply this "hammer" as an analogy to AI and fully think of as a tool, BUT people need to FIRST LEARN how to use it properly and this is where they will start to understand and enjoy its availability. Only at this stage will then one understand HOW and WHERE it can be applied to one's business type.

    The masses are being deceived by crook marketers who, with their crap software, are also NOT providing the appropriate QUALITY TRAINING that people desperately need to make AI really work form them. It's really sad because then they will now be reticent and may likely be missing REAL opportunities, which are by the thousands, to make a significant change to their life and business. At least, learn HOW to REALLY make it work, instead of being filled with HYPE and LIES.

    Personally, I've NOT "fully embraced" AI even though I may sound like I did. Am I using it for my business? Of course I do, but I use intelligently though, and only for very specific tasks. And this is what I also teach people, and how. Right now, I'm developing an app that will serve anyone an MUCH simplified UI to several LLMs models out there (not only ChatGPT). People won't need to be "prompt engineer" to use it and get real results that worth it.

    As you can see I'm pretty much worried that people are not getting properly educated with AI and all its implication at several levels of our modern societies. This is why I'm also going to soon publish a new daily news and magazine covering this market, specifically targeting the digital business, eCommerce and marketing industry. So...

    Yet, no, I've NOT fully embraced AI...
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    Originally Posted by WarriorForum.com View Post

    Given that practically everyone's joining the AI train, it comes to no surprise that almost every business has at once point used AI.

    So, has your business fully embraced AI? Why or why not?

    Chime in.



    Because A.I. is the perfect solution for generating content, images, videos, music, and so much more.

    If you are an IMer that can't figure out how to use A.I. to set up passive income streams

    Then you probably need to get a JOB somewhere so that other people can tell you what to do.
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    Yes honestly, so many tools that we've built can be heavily modulated by Chat GPT. Very helpful. Honestly ChatGPT will 10x every space.
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    Depends on what "fully embraced" means. I use ChatGPT and Copy.ai to help me create content draft and ideas. I also use Stable Diffusion to create image and short animation for my subscribers.
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    Not yet, but I think it could be in the next few years. We provide psychics services and see lot of competitors using those methods. But to be honnest I don't think people would like to speak with a psychic AI... they need humans to interact with...
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    Our business is using AI in some areas, like research using ChatGPT and creating content through it. We also rely on Builder.ai by Sachin Dev Duggal to make apps. These tools help us work smarter and faster, understanding our customers better. Still, about 70-80% of our work is done by humans. AI acts like a clever assistant, making our business run more smoothly and efficiently!
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    AI is great for INFO gathering and SORTING


    The recent GOOGLE CARNAGE of website rankings (Sept and Nov) is proof of this AND it will only get worse
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    Yes I am definitely "fully embracing" the Ai train!
    I use Ai everyday for research and content gen, marketing, and building marketing apps with Ai.
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    AI is a great tool! We use ChatGPT assistent to advise our clients on how to apply to universities in the US and Europe. This is very convenient for clients and reduces our costs for an SDR manager.
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    Originally Posted by WarriorForum.com View Post

    So, has your business fully embraced AI? Why or why not?

    It has been AI-enabled since 2018 or so... A lot of new AI models have been added to the supported list so far, but the main concept of the product has remained unchanged for many years - it relies on AI.
    CyberSEO Pro - the ultimate all-in-one autoblogging WordPress plugin, powered by OpenAI GPT-4, Anthropic Claude, Google Gemini Pro, Midjourney, DALL-E 3 and Stable Diffusion XL
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    I am still just casually using ChatGPT for research/inspiration, especially on content creation. Somehow the AI hype did not got me.
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    Yes, my business fully embraces AI and also offers development related assistance for the same.
    We also use AI in our daily work that is helped improve our work efficency. My business supports AI Developments and offer services accordingly.
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