Anyone know of any affiliate programs that don't need you to have a website?

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Like ones that will just give me a link and not need to review my site?
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    Most affiliate programs does just that...

    But if you actually want results then I recommend that you create a basic funnel before you start sending traffic

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    Most affiliate programs do not require you to have your own website.

    What affiliate programs are you really looking into? LOL

    Check out places like Clicbank, Jvzoo, and WSO.
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    I advertise my affiliate links on my blog, but I also find places that allow you to share your affiliate links. There are some subs on reddit that allow affiliate links once a week. There are other forums, facebook groups, and loads more that you can use to advertise your affiliate links.
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    If you're going to get into affiliate marketing, it's really worth investing a little into your own site or blog. It doesn't cost that much. It also helps with promoting.

    Put your affiliate links on your blog or site. That way, you only have to promote that one blog/site link instead of multiple affiliate links.
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    What affiliate products are you looking for?? If,

    Digital (like software products, plugins, etc.,) .. You don't need a website ... Check Clickbank, Jvzoo
    Physical (like e-commerce products, e-books) ... It's worth checking their terms. Amazon allowed (not sure now) to promote on YouTube with just videos
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    For affiliate marketing website is not mandatory. You can bring traffic by using different methods. Among those Facebook Ads and Solo Ads are two good options. You can promote your product to targeted traffic through Facebook Ads. It can help you to get traffic. Also Solo Ads has good opt-in rate.

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  • Like everyone here is saying- you really do not have to have website to promote affiliate products. Of course, if you want good results, it is better to have your own website since you have total control over your content. You may check out this video here on how you can promote affiliate products without a website:
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    Most affiliate programs won't require you to have a website, they just want you to get them traffic, but you will need a website if you want to apply for eBay affiliate network or Amazon associates.
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    As mentioned before, most affiliate programs do not require you to have your own website.

    However, if you try to promote most affiliate programs to cold traffic (people who don't know and trust you), then you are going to end up just like 95% of all the other people who try internet marketing. You will fail.

    If you are serious about making money online as an affiliate, then you will need to create a marketing funnel that collects email addresses and use an autoresponder to promote your affiliate offers to the people who optin to your list.
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    Clickbank,JvZoo,Clicksure,Clickbetter and much more...
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    Affiliates makes money by directing people to buy other peoples products. It doesn't necessarily have to be on a website, but that is probably the best solution. You dont have to know html or any coding. You can just setup a basic wordpress website, which anyone can do.
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    Although you must need a website or websites for successful Affiliate marketing. But you have a lot of chances to get started immediately.

    Many Affiliate programs ( Clickbank, Clicksure, Warriorplus, Jvzoo) do not require websites mandatory. Some CPA ( cpagrip) and PPI ( graboid, cashmylinks) don't need any websites to start. You can even use their direct affiliate link.
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    1. I'm not sure why you'd want to do affiliate marketing without a website -- but that could just be my lack of imagination speaking.

    2. If you have a proven business model -- and can prove it -- exceptions can and will be made. For example, our site was granted an exception to the ToS of a certain large internet retailer in order to include affiliate links in our emails. In our case, we had a history with that company and already had tens of thousands of email subscribers so they knew that (a) weren't some shady fly-by-night operator and (b) we'd likely deliver a lot of sales if they granted this exception. But the point is, if you've got a winning business model, even companies that don't generally allow affiliate marketing without a website may be willing to work with you. Of course, if you don't have a winning business model, that should be your focus -- not finding companies willing to accommodate your losing business model.
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    Ive just read another post here where someone said amazon does allow that now (signing up without a website) , but when i applied years ago it definitely needed one , so if someone can confirm this is true ,then its good for you.

    I know from my experience that having a website will surely help and even more so if you have your own domain rather than a free blog.

    Once you do decide to get a website i would suggest you join affiliate programs with well known brands eg. microsoft , DELL , Amazon, Apple this will make earning commissions much easier

    If you need more names here is a good list of affiliate programs and networks

    I have made some money from affiliate programs and continue to do so and its increasing so hit me up if you need more info. Promote products related to your blog/website niche

    good luck
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    Most of affiliate networks are dealing with bought traffic and you don't need to have your own website. For example you work with the contextual advertising traffic source and buy it in Google Adwords. It's high quality traffic and many adverts deal with this source.
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    Promoting WSO's is your best solution.
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    Originally Posted by twinklingstars View Post

    Like ones that will just give me a link and not need to review my site?
    An affiliate program works that way: you get your own unique link to the already created sales page.

    You can run cold traffic to it but your are better off by building your list with an auto responder, jump start with just a link to an opt-in form that collects your prospects information so that you can build a relationship and trust with them.

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    Originally Posted by twinklingstars View Post

    Like ones that will just give me a link and not need to review my site?
    It is not mandatory to have a website to be a Affiliate marketer. But it would better to have a website for long term success in this section. So you can start any Niche. Such as if you have a Facebook goop with thousands of FAN & you post your unique link to your Facebook account. Then anyone click on your given link to buy the products. Then you will get paid. Here you will get paid after completing a successful sale only. Thanks for your advance.
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    This website offers commission rate of 20%, I have sold a few products here and received my payment.
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    If approved, any affiliate marketplace will give you a raw affiliate link. But that direct linking stuff will lead you no where. Why would you consider that route? Is there someone still preaching that advice?
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      I use this website because they pay 20% commission and once you create your account they provide you with your affiliate link, you just have to go to your account. Anyways just one more choice to make some extra cash, if you know any other websites that offer more than 20% commission I would appreciate if you share it
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