What are the sources for getting instant traffic for any website?

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please help me out guys
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    I know numerous sources that will send you traffic within minutes, but most of those are paid sources.

    Why do you want "instant traffic" though? Often sources which can't deliver traffic instantly delivers a much higher quality of traffic!

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    thank you for your feedback would you please give me some free tools by which i could have some instant traffic for my website!!
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  • Now days everyone is looking for instant traffic which is costly no doubt, but it is necessary.
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    Hi, No any shortcut method for getting instant traffic except paid campaign. if you will use the spam activities, your website might be penalised. So be careful while thinking for generating instant traffic.

    - Cj

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    can you tell me Willie which paid sources you use for traffic.
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  • There are many source for getting direct genuine traffic. You just need few funds to start running traffic campaigns. You can try out PPC Google Adword campaign, Facebook Ads,etc or else if you would like to go for free then it will take time i.e go with Social network page creations, promotion of pages within different groups, communities and share it in different Social channels.
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    Use Facebook and promote your website with links. You can get instant traffic. But if you want consistent traffic you need to optimize your site.

    Anil G L
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      Is Facebook the only option?
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    If you post your content in relevant subs, Reddit can be a great place to get instant traffic. Unfortunately, you'll probably get about a 90% bounce rate.
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    Are there any softwares that you guys use for traffic? And are they any good?
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    Instant traffic is PPC.
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    Google as always. Bing ads are fine too but overused nowadays...
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    If you want to get fast traffic on a scalable level:
    1) Facebook
    2) Google Ads
    3) Twitter Ads

    If you want to get good leads coming from the traffic:
    1) Content Marketing
    2) Facebook Ads
    3) LinkedIn
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    Share all your Content in social networking sites regularly...The more you share the more you can generate traffic...!!!
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    Advertising online
    Facebook's audience can be huge source of qualified traffic.
    Display advertising
    Through Email list you can get HUGE volumes of qualified traffic.
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  • Profile picture of the author Tahreem Saeed
    Based on your website niche you can try following methods.

    Try to find your target audience, their demographics and their behaviour.
    Based of your understanding of these factors develop content (text / audio / video ) .
    Now, utilize Social Media (optimization and marketing) to engage your target audience with the content you have developed. Make sure your efforts are sincere and real, that will help in making the content viral.
    You can also Google Ads to get paid traffic.
    Use social media events, competition and other engagement tools to create virality.
    I hope this helps.

    Creative Designer and Developer !

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    1. Paid traffic (Google, FB)
    2. Contact with traffic seller to get organic traffic. This is spam but effective.
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    You could try PPC ads on google or facebook.
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    Social media channels are rich in traffic and you can use the most commonly used social media channel like twitter, Facebook, you tube, Instagram and Pinterest. Majority of the online business companies are only using Facebook and twitter to increase their product sales. You can use PPC and advertisements on social media sites to promote your product sales.
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    Video is appearing higher in search engine results. Consider hosting an introductory video on your site. You can add this video to YouTube social channel. Google Adword is also a great way to increase the website traffic. You can also use third-party advertising platforms to run image-based advertisements on multiple websites at once. Additional, you can also optimize your website for the searching engine in order to increase the visibility of your brand in the searching engine.
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    Everyone wants instant traffic. But the point here is to make sure your websites have incredibly valuable content to keep your traffic high and stable. It would be meaningless if they come and go.
    If you just want number, many places offer sky-high traffic with $5 or $10, but they are fake traffic and might cost your website penalty.
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    An easy and relatively cheap way of gaining traffic is starting a contest (sweepstake). The price can be a book (so no big costs).

    The visitor has to answer a simple question on your website - related to the topic of your website - to participate.

    Register the contest on those various sweepstake directories. You will have a lot of traffic.

    Good word counter: count-words.com

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    Use Reddit to get traffic to your website. But be careful no to come over as a marketer too much, they hate that. Just interact with others, post replies and ask questions yourself and casually drop a link to your website, if the topic relates to your page.
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  • Profile picture of the author yuvrajsinhspaceo
    Relevant Facebook groups help most of the time.

    I'd suggest 2 tested options to you.
    1. Find your Facebook groups related to your niche and share a valuable information to your audience.
    2. Share it on relevant subreddit

    When I want instant traffic on Space-O Technologies, I do use these platforms. It works.

    Yuvrajsinh is a Growth Strategist at Space-O Technologies.

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    I know people tend to laugh at the fact that I refuse to make any attempts at gaining traffic, and I've never paid for traffic either, absolutely refuse to, but fact remains, organic traffic is gonna convert better then any form of instant high traffic. Outside of a few rare and unexplained boosts in traffic, most months my best performing site (the one that brings in the bulk of the income) only gets 1,000 to 3,000 page views. I have other sites with way higher traffic, but it's more general traffic and doesn't convert as well. The traffic to my best money making site, comes direct from people just searching in Google, Bing, Yahoo, DogPile, FanFiction .net, Tumblr, and Reddit on their own when looking for something. Because they were searching SPECIFICALLY for the topic in question, they end up being someone who actually interested in buying products.

    My main source of income is people buying my art off Zazzle, my books off Amazon, my fabric off SpoonFlower, or my hand crafted items off Etsy. Direct sales make up more then 80% of my online income. The remainder being from AdSense. I live in Maine, so the option to do affiliate marketing (which was illegal in Maine) was not available until the laws changed April 4, 2017, so I've recently added affiliate links to my site for the first time since starting my website (my site being 19 years old, though it's current url is only 4 years old), but it's been less then 30 days since I added affiliate links to my site so it'll be a while before we know if affiliate income is viable or not.

    Perhaps, because I'm from a place where affiliate marketing was illegal and not allowed until 20 days ago, perhaps this is why I've never seen a need to aim at wide spread, non-targeted traffic? Not sure. I'm not familiar with affiliate traffic vs direct sales traffic. I'm used to very narrow focused traffic, targeting just the people who actually want my products, rather then wide flinging looking for traffic from everyone, even those with no interest in my product or even mental comprehension of it.

    I deal with a topic (Twinkie Uke Yaoi aka Transgender Fetish) that has a very small audience and is often the butt end of anti-LGBTQ hate jokes from the (largely transphobic and anti-gay) general public Thus why I only focus my search for traffic to Yaoi communities on FanFiction .net and Yaoi sub-Reddits and Yaoi & OtherKin Tumblr communities and similar such places. Because I just narrow focused targeting only people actually interested in the topic itself, I end up with what other site masters view as very low traffic, but the fact remains, my particular topic has an audience of about 7,000 people world-wide, and I'm getting traffic for nearly half of them. It's repeat traffic from those same few thousand people over and over again and because they are ACTUAL customers as opposed to random browsers, this results in a high rate of sales conversion, even though a seemingly low number of monthly page views.

    It also helps if you are very active online and offline in the community of your topic. I am transgender myself, btw. And being part of the trans community, means I also have access to most of the private forums, FB groups, and communities for transvestites who make up a large portion of my target audience; because I am also OtherKin (ElvenKin) I am also active in the LARPing, CosPlay and Convention circuit - meaning I go to conventions and meet with CosPlayers, Kin, and Furries face to face and have actually meet in person, 30,000 of my readers; being Carvinal Gypsies we also travel in Festival and Carnival curcits and do a lot of offline sales of my books, art,, and crafts direct in face to face sales as well. I live in Old Orchard Beach, a beach front tourist town run by "Stephen King's" Gypsies (this being the town he filmed the Thinner in) and hand out business cards to all the tourists who come up here to my farm, which was the filming location of Thinner. Because I meet most target audience in person, often multiple times as they return each summer, I don't have a need to target anyone else.

    In other words, my experience has been that the BEST traffic for your site is not online traffic, but rather offline traffic, local traffic, people in the real world, who you can send to your site directly. This results in a large portion of my site visitors, actually typing the url, rather then searching for a keyword at random, resulting in even higher targeted traffic and even high sales conversion, even though the traffic itself is very low/not many page views per month.

    I would think that every niche is the same way. Where if you are actively participating in the topic's community, both online and offline, you get better conversions of page views vs sales, because you are targeting your primary audience specifically, rather then just tossing out blind requests for traffic from everyone on the planet. Each niche has an audience, and narrow focusing your marketing towards just that one audience will give you better sales conversions, then wide flung traffic coming from everywhere and buying nothing, because they are not your target audience.

    I would suggest, rather then seeking lots of traffic, you instead write up a profile of who exactly your target customer is and then focus on getting out there where they are. My feelings are that smaller but targeted traffic is far better then general non-targeted traffic.

    My review of Flamboyant Nipples: The Site That Supports KKK Anti-Gay Terrorist Crimes
    Info on my Novels is HERE. History of Stephen King's Thinner Gypsies is HERE.

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    Try it.

    When I want instant traffic towards Space-O Technologies, what I do is, I select the best page on our website and share it on relevant subreddit.

    Make sure the content quality is best.

    Yuvrajsinh is a Growth Strategist at Space-O Technologies.

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    Do not look for instant traffic because it might harm your website. You website might get penalized from the search engine. It is a bit lengthy process but it has the feature of quality traffic not for one time for a long term. If you want result quickly then you can use Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads, PPC ads, Google Adsense. All these would be the good option to drive traffic.
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    Create some outrageous content and post it on social media with a link to your website.

    Write about a controversial topic and post it on social media with a link to your website.

    See procon.org to find the pros and cons of controversial issues.
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    There's this thing called Leapviewer and it's a traffic exchange app. It gets you instant traffic but I doubt that it works. It raised the views to my website but very few clicks whatsoever.
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  • Profile picture of the author fratt55
    hey there

    instant traffic can by payed traffic or free traffic

    for payed traffic use solo ads or go to www. fiverr.com

    for free traffic signup with facebook groups and promote your niche

    online classified ads
    talk soon
    sam f
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    I've tested out several traffic sources....

    Bing has been by far the best way to go.... if you want real people with real credit cards. :-)
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    hi I can ensure you instant traffic at lowest cost. But it should brought for buying products, adsense or youtube views. It only works for SEO ranking. If you need traffic for ranking please contact with me on skype: shamim.gypsy
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    Try YouTube, it is good.
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    press release
    contect curation
    guest posts
    forums sigs
    fb groups
    viral pdf
    intergration marketing - on thankyou page after someone buys.
    banner ads,
    youtube ads,
    fb video ads
    PDF newsetters
    solo ads
    email drops

    wow....i could go on and on, but this will keep you busy till XMAS 2020. LOL haha.

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    quick growth won't worth your time, unless you're creating something viral.

    i think it would be wise to stick to ppc. another great way is to work with influencers with the same niche
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    Instant free traffic? Send an email to your list!
    ==> Negocios Estables en la Web Internet marketing en español.

    ==> Internet Marketing Newbie Created for IM virgins
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    I see a lot of these kind of questions here in WF. Check these suggestions in general:
    • Join Facebook engagement groups
    • Join Telegram groups
    • Collaborate with influencers - use an influencer platform like Phlanx
    • Make a blog about your niche
    • Do SEO for your blog - go to Youtube to learn about SEO
    • Make Youtube videos about your niche or you can post it on FB
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