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Hi Warriors,
I always find niche selection one of my favourite tasks when I am starting a new project.

I hope other members will find this an interesting topic and join in the discussion.

I think there are a lot of ways to find a good niche.

If you are starting out it can be bewildering, but most people will have some idea.

One marketer I know bought a wholesale cd of different reports with master resale rights on a multitude of different subjects and advertised them on the auction sites.

He could then tell from the number of visitors and sales how popular a subject could was and also if people were prepared to pay money for them.

The "How To" guides always sold very well, especially "How To Make Different Cocktails" and other drinks such as wines and home beers.

Also "How To Make Money From..............." always sold well
and "How To Make Money From Property, Flea Markets" etc.

I am sure you could still base a website or blog around some or any of these topics now.

I know we have Google Adwords to check now and this can be a great tool.

It gives us instant statistics for finding keywords and how many are searched each month.

I am sure we are all aware that niches such as "Diet" are extremely popular and we can drill down to find different types of diet that will be popular.

If I am looking for an internet marketing topic I will use the Warrior Forum.
You can guarantee you will find out how popular any I.M. niche is through studying the forum.

Another tool I use is Amazon.

If I fancied the diet niche I would enter "diet" and see what results appeared.

Then I would search "diet books".

I would be able to see what was for sale and more importantly I would get an idea of how many people were purchasing each item from the number of reviews.

I would calculate that about 10% of people leave a review so if a diet book had 100 review there would probably mean it had a 1000 sales.

This could be a good way to choose products to sell as an Amazon affiliate or create a blog or website to promote products yourself.

I prefer interesting ways such as this to at least give me a start in my niche selection.

If any other marketers would like to share their ideas I would love to hear them.

Best Regards
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    You have to open a CPA Lead account before then work with niche
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  • Your idea for using Amazon sounds good. But how do you differentiate between new and old trends like fidget spinners for example. Apparently Amazon does not sort reviews according to time hint me?
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