How important are Facebook likes on your page when advertising?

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I am in CPA marketing and i have a dilemma and i'm kinda stuck on these 3 ideas:

1) To run a targeted FB campaign for 'Page Likes' and then retarget everyone who liked my page with a free lead magnet and then retarget those people with an offer and keep cycling and scaling.

2) Run an engagement campaign with a video or image and then retarget those people who engaged with a free lead magnet and then retarget again with an offer and keep cycling and scaling.

3) Run a conversion or an engagement campaign with a free lead magnet and retarget them with an offer and keep cycling and scaling.

Which one is better? Personally i think page likes are solid if you want to play this game long term because you are building your own brand and page likes act as a social proof but on the other hand i think less people would like my page than engage with my post.

Also i think option 3) is the best but then i am skipping that initial warming up and offering them my lead magnet right off the bat.
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    How I really are the best - 3. From my own experience, I will say that the result is the best at the lowest cost.
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    Facebook likes are highly important for augmenting the followers number on your page by building trust on their eyes. If your page is containing huge likes, then it will definitely help you to promote your business features effectively & to reach masses instantly.

    An effective way of presentation on Facebook will result in converting followers into traffic on your website. The concept, idea & the creativity in drafting an ad for social media sites plays a major role in making it a huge success for generating traffic for your website.
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    Facebook likes are very important for branding. It helps in increasing the brand popularity all around the world. Most of the users are active on social sites and facebook likes are most important to gain users trust.
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    I wonder if Facebook likes now as effective as they once were ? I now wonder after coming across this video:
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    I think it depends on your budget, and your patience. Starting at number 1 seems like a conservative way to go, and ultimately your list will be willing participants (at least initially). It's the slowest option.

    Could you do some experimentation? Try 3 and see how it goes, work your way back from there? I don't know how well you could separate out visitors from the method.
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    Getting the page likes for me is very important especially if the likes are targeted.

    Having a huge number of likes on your page will serve as a social proof for intending customers and you can market to them over and over again.

    After the initial cost for acquiring those likes, other forms of marketing to that followers will of course be cheaper.

    Furthermore, the advertising cost can still be reduced drastically especially when you run Canvas ads and Facebook Messenger marketing although not many people are utilizing this

    You might want to take a look at the messenger marketing for facebook which is another cheaper way of building a list compared to the traditional way of building an email list using Facebook.

    Hope this helps
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    Facebook likes are more important while you were advertising in that..Based on your likes on facebook your ads will get popular among all.
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    Hi Bass Supply, I have been a digital marketing for more than 5 years. Social Media has always been one of it. My client is about triathlon gears, which also involve cycling. Right now, part of my tasks is Facebook. As I understand your statement, my answer is it actually depends on what is the objective of your campaign.
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    Mostly waste of time.
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    Growing your websites Page likes is important because it allows your content to be shown to more people. Having a large audience allows you to deliver your posts to people who have shown an interest in your topic. Accumulating Page likes will also allow access to other features on your Page that have Page like requirements, such as a custom username or Page Insights.
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