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Hello All,

What are some of the trending backlink techniques that are effective for use in current times ??
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    If you want to get high-quality backlinks that effect on the ranking and traffic of our website. Then used the following trending techniques:
    1. Blog commenting
    2. Forum Discussion
    3. Guest Posting
    4. Yahoo Answers
    5. Article/Blog Submission
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        Yes, it's also helpful. But in a discussion, there are many people include and our link target by many people.
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      These are common ways to do backlink everyone knows. The problem is how to do it
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            Hi Mahabubul,

            Can you post my content on your blog my blog title is "Get the best repair for your damaged iPhone 8 Display"
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              Do have a list of high DA/PA sites of Guest Post? Can you share with me?
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    I dont know about trending techniques which are absolutely new.

    In my opinion running high quality web 2.0 blogs are very helpful in getting good rankings.
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    relevant outreach
    buying safe links on real websites
    guest posting
    Private blog networks

    those are the best by far.
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    Google ranking criteria always changes, so can't tell about backlink techniques.
    One can use blog posting, blog commenting, guest blogging, discussion forum, social bookmarking, etc
    This will help to build backlinks to your website.
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      Can commenting on blogs lead to your site being flagged due to spamming other blogs/sites?
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        If you are leaving thoughtful comments and not being flagged by anyone for spam. Write a paragraph and engage the author.
        Domains for sale - see
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    First of all find out High DA PA websites, which helps you to improve your website ranking in search engines and make authorized. Blog submission, infographic submission, ppt submission can be effective techniques.
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    As per my experience building back-links with long term use with standing will keep your website on top of search results with out much decrease in ranking for that i can suggest guest posting is a better way where you can informative articles in popular websites make sure your content should be authoritative and useful to readers.
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    According to me, the trending backlink building techniques these days are:
    Web 2.0
    Blog Commenting and Guest Blogging
    Forum Posting
    Inforgraphics Submission
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      Originally Posted by Naksh Kaloo View Post

      According to me, the trending backlink building techniques these days are:
      Web 2.0
      Blog Commenting and Guest Blogging
      Forum Posting
      Inforgraphics Submission
      Yep, treading down!!!

      I love these thread son WF. I hope my competitor follow the advice of all the clowns that post in them!
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    I think Web 2.0 is good for ranking. It is a slow process but very effective.
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    * Forum and Blog posts Comments
    * Web Directory Links
    * Article Marketing or Guest Posting
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      Brother, Your DA and Pa is very very low. No one is going to take a backlink from you till you have a strong DA at least.
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      Can you brief about #write for steemseo & earn please!
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    I highly recommend blog commenting as well.
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    You need to create links at high domain authority website. That is the most important thing you should not forget. Only high-quality links will boost your ranking in search engine result page. The good activities include, Forum commenting, Article submission, Guest Posting, Press released, PDF/PPT/Document submission, Blog Commenting and social sharing of post to a large number of people.
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    Take a look at the list of top 10 best off-page SEO techniques now in trend :

    Social Media Engagement

    Social media engagement is a major Off-page SEO technique. If you wish to increase the popularity of your business online, then it is necessary to engage with people on multiple social media platforms. Social media will help you in growing your online presence and will also help in getting more back links.

    Social Bookmarking Sites

    Social bookmarking sites are considered to be on of better platforms if you wish to promote your website. When you bookmark a webpage or a blog on popular social bookmarking websites, you stand to gain greater traffic to your blog.

    Forum Submission

    Another great OFF Page SEO is to take part in search forums which are related to your business and make a connection with that community. Try to reply to threads, answer questions and give your suggestions and advice. Make the best use of "Do-Follow" forums.

    Blog Directory Submission

    Choose a good directory & select a category. Directory Submission is always workings to build quality back links.

    Article Submission

    Try to submit articles in a high PR article submission directory. Links to your website can also be given out. Ensure the uniqueness of the content. It is necessary to choose the correct category and give a good title to your content.

    Question and Answer

    The best way to get high traffic is from Q&A websites. Ensure to join high PR , Q&A sites and search for questions related to you, your business online. Give clear answers to these questions. Give links to your website to increase visiblity.

    Video Submission

    If you wish to popularize videos, go to popular video submission sites. Provide a proper title, description, tags and reference links etc. This is one of the better ways to get quality back-links because all video submission websites have high PR.

    Image Submission

    Share photos on popular image submission websites. Optimize photos with correct URL & Title Tag before you submitting them. Also check for a proper title, description and tags.

    Infographics Submission

    Create new, creative infographics. Infographics are becoming more and more popular on the net. Submit the infographics on infographics submission websites. Handout reference links to your blog.

    Document Sharing

    Create multiple interesting documents related to the business/blog. The content of the documents should be unique. It should be in in pdf or ppt formats. Share these documents on the document sharing websites.
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      That's awesome.

      I'd like to add 2 more techniques into this:
      1. Resource link building
      2. Broken link building
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    Here are the some effective backlink techniques:
    Directory submission
    Forum posting
    Blog commenting
    Guest post
    Article Directories
    Profile creation
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    1. Social bookmarking
    2. Directory submission
    3. Classified Ads
    4. Local business listing
    5. Forum posting
    6. PPT Submissions
    7. QNA(question and answer)
    8. Blog writing and submission
    9. Infographic
    10. Link Bait, round ups
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      Sir, Please Explain about Roundups. These days i heard about this a lot. But i didn't get the clarity and give me any ref link.
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    Check you direct competitors' lost backlinks fixated for your similar content and offer acceptor site to link to your new (and better) content.
    Acquiring backlinks with strong content yields long term benefits and is gazillion times better than buying backlinks (which itself is a more meticulous and costly process).
    To monitor competitors Lost backinks I use similarly named report in Serpstat Backlink Analysis tool.
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    SociaMedia posting of course! ;-) ( FB, instagram, etc. )
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    I have been doing SEO since 1999 and keep my eye on the latest seo trends. I build handful of foundational backlinks like
    social signals,
    press releases,
    blog comments,
    web 2.o ect
    for my website in the first month and let then build some good backlinks to these backlinks and let them get indexed for a few days between 15-20 days.

    Secondly I build a few backlinks from my PBN. Normally 5 links per week and then build a strong layer of web 2.0 to these PBN links and boost these web 2.0 links with 3rd tier Links steadily for a week or two.

    Finally I add a mix of social signals to these web 2 and then build a few SAPE links and BOOM!!! My website is on the first page for many of the keywords. I do good onpage seo and use the anchor text ratio wisely.

    This plan has always worked for me....
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    I would prefer to create web 2.0, posting new content and promotion to social sites. We can also post Articles, Press release and ofcourse Guest blogs those are designed for providing real information to users.
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    Trending back link techniques:
    1. Social bookmarking
    2. Directory submissions
    3. Forum postings
    4. Postings on social media
    5. Article submissions
    6. Image sharing
    7. Participating on question and answer websites
    8. Blog creation and blog commenting
    9. Guest posting
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    Trending back link techniques 2017 :

    * Guest post outreach service
    * Video sharing
    * Info graphics sharing
    * Social media sharing
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    Here are some new technique to create SEO backlinks

    Guest post
    Social Media
    Image Sharing
    Video Sharing
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    Trending backlink techniques in SEO Off-page are:
    • Guest Posting.
    • Forum Posts.
    • Question/Answers.
    • Blog Commenting.
    • Web 2.0.

    But one thing that you should keep in mind is that before following these off-page techniques, On-page optimization analysis of website is need to be done perfectly , So you can focus on chosen relevant keywords of website. Otherwise you will face no improvement by doing off-page activity.
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    social network
    Landing Pages
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    I tried Web2.0 and Guest Posting on Relevant Blogs (only Niche Links) and It Worked.
    So for me.
    Guest posting
    Profile creations
    These are only 3 linkbuilding strategies have worked.

    Linkbuilding process should be very slow. Building only 2 or 3 contextual links per day can do wonders.

    Monthly 20 Web2.0 , 20 profiles and 10 guest Posts = 50 Quality Niche Links

    I can help if anyone needed .
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    Hi robbert Please help me provide some lists for those three strategies
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    Take a look at the list of top 08 best off-page or backlink SEO techniques now in trend.

    1. Social Media Engagement
    2. Forum Submission
    3. Blog Directory Submission
    4. Article Submission
    5. Guest posting
    6. Video & Image Submission
    7. Infographics Submission
    8. Document Sharing
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    Do you think allowing comments is important for SEO?
    Domains for sale - see
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    The realisation in 2018 is that ultimately creating content that is relevant is the best way of increasing your rank. Getting backlinks is good but creating content is the foundation of it all. You can't get good quality backlinks if your content is average.
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    There are lots ways exist on the internet which are works really well for create backlinks, some of them are: guest posting, blog commenting, bookmarking in social media and high DA and PA sites, Article submission, web 2.0 etc. These are some techniques which are really work nice for making backlinks of a website.
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      Any extra info on how to bookmark on social media?
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