How to Protect Yourself From Bot Signups to Your List?

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I've been getting a ton of subscriptions on a list of mine from spambots. I have no clue why spambots sign up for email lists to begin with, but does anyone have any tips on how to cut down or eradicate them completely?

I've added double opt-in which involves a captcha and I've also added additional fields hoping that might stymie their efforts and yet they still get through.

Fortunately they're easy enough to spot because the lion's share come from the same dozen or so extensions/domains or similar domains.

More obvious is that one of my required fields essentially asks subscribers what they want to learn by signing up for my list, and the bots always paste in the standard biography BS (my name is ... and I like ...)

Nevertheless, it's annoying and requires constant upkeep on my end. Anyone have any solutions beyond what I've tried?
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    Ive never had that problem...

    The question is where are you getting traffic? Because it seems like its extremely low quality
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      Consider yourself lucky. It's a marketing website which receives mostly organic traffic. Might have something to do with my email marketing service as I just switched and never had this problem in the past.
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        How did you know that the subscriptions are from spambot?

        In my case, I was got some fake subscriptions, I know it by check domain emails they used. There are a lot of subscriptions using disposable/temporary emails, then I block all emails with such domains.
        You can find list of disposable email provider domains here:

        Hope it useful
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          I know they're spam bots for the two reasons I mentioned in the initial post.

          Additionally, I put my autoresponder campaigns on hold while I was testing to further confirm that they were spam bots, meaning no one was receiving follow up emails.

          Then, on the confirmation URL on my site (which they have to visit after confirming their subscription to/joining my list) I explicitly wrote that if they aren't receiving the autoresponder series then email me, and not a single one of them have. Fortunately this level of bot behavior is easy enough to spot but still frustrating.

          Thanks for the tip, though.
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    If you have access to cpanel, or wordress you can either login to cpanel and block the IP's from there or you can find a plugin inside the wordpress directory that will allow you to block IP's. If you cannot find it in Cpanel either contact your web host and they do it for you or walk you through it, or go to Fiverr and hire someone to do it for you.
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      That's a good tip. I'd think spammers would be using lots of proxies but still something to keep in mind, thank you.
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    Where are you getting your traffic from? You must have a bad traffic source. Make sure you have tracking links so you know where your traffic is coming from. Also, you may get an address once in a while that someone is not using or is fake, if they haven't opened one of your messages in 6 months, delete them from you list.


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    Check out

    They have a feature for detecting bots and other possible fake traffic.
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    I guess that around the internet you can for sure find some good and cheap plug-in that can help you in blocking or protecting you from a different kind of bots and machine automatic systems.
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    Install CAPTCHA (or something similar)on your optin web form. Most bots can't read captcha.
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    Diligent list maintenance are going to be key. The bad thing about bots is in the long term they really hurt your sender reputation and lower your deliverability. Track your open rates and if subscribers aren't engaging after your welcome series, statistically chances are either bots or disinterested humans who you don't want on your list.

    There's also software that will slowly lower the frequency of your emails to non-responsive address which basically automates the list maintenance for you.
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    Use software like this:

    you can easily google similar by typing "real time opt in checker email"
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    I have had this problem and for me it seems that certain autoresponder services do a better job at keeping spam bots out than others.

    When I used GetResponse and SendLane I would get constant spam leads into my accounts to optin pages I had not even started promoting yet.

    When I had used AWeber and MailChimp I did not have any spam leads come into my account at all. So maybe they have some sort of spam detection that protects accounts from getting spam leads.

    By the way, this is from setting these accounts at single optin.

    What autoresponder service do you use?
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