A practical way to make this "affiliate" networrk work?

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I will try explain this in a way that I hope will be easily understood

Let's suppose that:

Person S sells an info product

Person G is an guru/ influencer with a big audience

I make an offer to person S to create sales for a product in exchange for 60% of the profit

I contact person G and I promise him 40% of the profit from sales if he promots the product

This process leads to a huge number of sales...

My question :

Is there a platform/a way to make this thing work without relying on good-will?

I know about affiliate marketing when there are 2 persons involved, but how to do this with 3 ?

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    If a product seller (Person S) sells their product through a 2-tier affiliate program, YOU can sign up as an affiliate, and then any affiliates (Persons G)who sign up via a referral from you are registered as a 2nd tier affiliate, with YOU as their sponsor.

    You are then paid a percentage of any sales that are referred by your 2nd tier affiliates.

    While 2-tier affiliate programs were once used pretty aggressively by product vendors as a way to help them recruit more affiliates, they don't seem to be as popular as they once were, and finding a seller that employs this type of affiliate program is therefore much more difficult.

    Sid Hale
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    If I'm understanding correctly a product like idevaffiliate should accommodate this.
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    Awesome idea!

    Here's the solution:

    You can create your own affiliate tracking platform

    It's not that expensive to get coded at upwork

    You have to do a lot of these deals to recoup your invest quickly.
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    JVZoo was designed with this in mind.

    Payment Flow On Transactions With Multiple Recipients
    The payment process works as follows:

    The customer pays the full price to the Seller
    The Seller then pays the PayPal/merchant fees and JVZoo fee from the total sale price
    The Affiliate is paid the commission percentage of the total sale amount
    The remainder is split with the JV Partner or partners
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    The affiliate programs mentioned by Chris and Brent, both support 2-tier affiliate programs.

    I used idevaffiliate briefly and found the setup and user interface to be rather clunky. I scrapped it and went with another solution after just a few months.

    While JVZoo does support 2nd tier affiliate payments, multi-tier affiliate programs are against Paypal's TOS. They may be flying under the radar simply because they process very few 2-tier offers, or they may have gotten special permission from Paypal.

    Sid Hale
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