Is Blog Commenting a good technique to use to bring traffic to my website to get ranked on Google?

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I currently have a website about how to make money using facebook with 14 articles published.

I'm trying to bring traffic by blog commenting about 10 - 12 daily

My stats for my website for 2 months which is actually 2 months old is -

353 Page views

Direct - 203

Social - 56

Referral - 18

Organic - 2

What do you guys think?

I'm I on the right track?

What else can I do to increase traffic.

Also, still ain't no sales although I'm getting clicks to my affiliate links

Thanks !
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    Blog commenting is a horribly inefficient way to try to bring in traffic and it won't help you with SEO.

    You would probably be a lot better off spending some money and placing ads. For example, banner ads on places like this where people might be interested in what you are selling.
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      Hi Mike,

      If your get is to *get* through blog commenting; backlinks, SEO, etc....agreed fully. Terrible strategy.

      If your goal is to *give* through blog commenting; give value, be authentic, make is a fun, fabulous and prospering strategy.

      I may be the only Warrior featured on a billionaire's blog. Genuine blog commenting helped me pop up on the radar screen of his writers, me making impacts in so many spots.

      If a billionaire's team notices you, the strategy is paying some sweet dividends. But the intent makes the difference. Self-centered getting versus generous giving.

      Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    You could use Facebook for your traffic. Join those "traffic" groups, create a page, etc. Show the reader that you know how to use Facebook for more than making money.
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    Blog commenting is not worth on these days, though it works before. Everyday methods are getting change, so in this way blog commenting is old trick but paid version of blog commenting maybe workful. And if you want to create more traffic for your website then you can share your website in various social network, also you can use facebook boost option for advertising your website, though its not free but works great. Beside it you can do e-mail marketing for getting more visitors on your website.
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    Blog commenting is not a single way to increase traffic to your website. You have to do proper bookmarking, content sharing, video sharing, forum discussion, etc there are many other ways to increase traffic and ranking. Keep patience and Start working. Good Luck!
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    You should focus on on-page SEO rather blog commenting.
    There are so many options to spread links or increase traffic.

    Before try to comment on any blog, check those blog pr and da which is more important than any other perspective.
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    I disagree, blog commenting is a great way to brand yourself and your blog. Plus you will get a backlink (SEO) and make friends which will come in handy for future JV's.
    Whats better than blog commenting is forum's. Here you will engage with like minded people, just like you are doing now. Help others out with problems that they have. Just make sure that your comment or posts have some meat to them.
    Your mindset when using these traffic methods shouldn't be about the traffic you can get back to your site, but the networking opportunity that is in front of you.
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    They say that when you are the first to comment on a new post on high traffic blogs, then you get a few direct visits/day (if your comment is really good) but you have to do that every day.
    SEO is the best foundation of organic traffic and getting your link in high traffic sites is the second thing (that second thing is always the longest discussion on how to do it).
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    I do not think commenting on the blog is the best technique to use to get traffic to your website to rank on Google. The blog comment is not worth the days, the comment blog is not the only way to increase traffic to your website. Make proper bookmarking, sharing content, sharing videos, discussing the forum, you should pay attention to on-page SEO, rather than blog commentary. Need to be Before trying to comment on any blog, check those blogs PR and which are more important than any other perspective

    Hope it helps you
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    Blog commenting is ok. It's one out of many things you can do for off page. I wouldn't waste to much emphasis on it. There are so many strategies out there.

    Harris Brown
    HFB Advertising

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    Writing helpful/insightful blog posts on highly related high-traffic blogs is worth spending a little time on, but spamming unrelated blogs won't get you very far; it depends which of those you're doing.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ibrahim Miharbi
    Thanks everyone for your replies.. Hard work but I know its a long term strategy. I'm trying to now find backlinks of my competitors and try to get those backlinks myself. Do you know any free tools that allow you to see the backlinks of websites?
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    I have found q and a forums are better than blog commenting at both generating traffic and boosting your seo with Google. It all depends how you do it. Offer no value and a link and you're unlikely to get traffic from that comment. Offer genuine help and solutions for people and take some time over your answers, and it can make a real difference.
    However there are better and faster ways to generate traffic, like paid methods of course. You can't scale your blog commenting efforts easily. It is time consuming. However if you spend the time daily to genuinely help people and leave valuable comments, you're much more likely to benefit from extra traffic. 10-20 comments alone won't have a massive impact. 10-20 comments a day over a year will!

    Join an online comunity and learn how to build a business which can be automated and scaled from a laptop from anywhere.

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    As an off page seo method blog commenting is working though its an old method it works. But only blog commenting cant much helpful here, beside it you can also do bookmarking in different social media, web2.0 also helpful for reviewing products, though it is a lengthy process but it can be works if it would be happen in a right way. Infographic submission also works for bring more traffic.
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    You will get backlinks from blog commenting but make sure blog should be relevant.
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    Blog Commenting - Make it better for Traffic

    1. Create Links on Vivid user names

    2. Relevant blogs

    3. Unique informative blog comment according to the relevant business blog

    4. Participate in Blog commenting conversations
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    it can improve slightly but it' isnt a strategy.

    But if you teach how to make money with facebook ads....why you use blog commenting for traffic?
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    To drive them to products I am promoting. Products that are associated with Facebook.
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    It will help but not significantly, you should do it but there are other many things you should do As well.
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    Is 353 page views for 2 months? if it is, I would say it is too little traffic.

    In the mean while I checked my site stats I got 1015 page views in last week.My site was launched 3 months ago.

    You should try other traffic driving method instead of focus on blog comment.
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    Sometimes it does, You can join Viralcontentbee where bloggers promote each other's posts.

    Learn more about blogging tips, tutorials and deals

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    In my opinion, your post's comments are also calculated as a part of your post's content. The number of high quality comments your post receives will also improve the overall ranking of your content.
    It is important to have keyword variation in your posts.So comments on your blog help to improve the overall keyword variation and quality of the content. At the same time, irrelevant comments on your blog posts do more damage than good. Therefore, you have to careful when you comment and with other's comments on your pages.
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    Blog commenting is very helpful for bring the traffic for website.
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    If blog commenting is do follow then it can works but no follow is not worth. On these days blog commenting is not effective like before, but only blog commenting is not enough to get traffic. Social media engagement can bring more traffic to website.
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