Evergreen Business System dead?

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I was using Evergreen Business System for a couple of years now and my webinars are still working.

But I created a new webinar and the registration links don´t work.

The link to the support site gives me a 404 error

Customer support does not respond

I know they created a successor to Evergreen Business System, so I suspect they abandoned it, so the customers buy the successor solution as well.


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    Yup, abandonware and pretty much dead. Most of my links don't work, either.

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      Thanks for the confirmation of the bad news. Did you try to host the webinar on your own website?

      There is an option to do that. But its pretty technical, thats why I didn´t try it yet...

      What are you doing now? Did you switch to Everwebinar?


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    Build Your business and not rely on third party platform which "makes all for you".

    if you are serious on building whatever
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    I'm not sure what evergreen is but I'd ditch them and work on your own website now. You can use a service like gotowebinar or Webex for the webinar portion
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    Its an automated webinar. Record it once and then play it over and over again. So its really set it&forget it.
    And its not a shiny new gimmick.
    ROI is >700% and conversion rate is 14% so Im not going to ditch this moneymaker...
    And this is the first Webinar I ever did, so there is even room for improvement...
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    Green around the Gills may still be available?

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