what cloud storage to use?

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As I get my internet marketing business up and running I want to protect the data I am accumulating on my laptops and make it easy to move files between computers.

I currently use an external hard drive but I want to back up to the cloud so I can access it from anywhere and not loose everything if for some reason I lose my computer bag with both laptops and external hard drive.

I looked at iDrive and in their TOS, "will not use the Services to sell and/or distribute digital content to others". I currently use dropbox and google drive now but want to backup my hard drives.

I use both mac and windows laptops and carry them together in my computer bag. If I loose that bag I am screwed especially if my external hard drive is with them.

So my question is what do warriors who sell digital products do to protect and access their data?
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    I use Amazon S3 together with Cloudberry Explorer


    Easy to use. Just like filezilla.
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    I am impressed by Google Drive

    They have an active desktop option where everything you do on your device is backed up seamlessly in the background

    If your stuff gets stolen or damaged, your files will always be safe

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    Yesterday I ran across a special offer from iDrive that fit my needs. Thank to those who offered their help.

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    Since I just set it up and have only used it for one day I cannot give much feedback other than it is easy to set up on windows, mac and on an iPhone.

    The special offer price was what put me over the top besides I sleep a lot better knowing I have multiple copies of both my laptops in different places.

    I religiously back up on an external hard drive and now I put a copy in the cloud as well. When I travel I'll leave my external hard drives at home, 1 less thing to loose, and just source my files through Dropbox Free account and iDrive.

    Btw I get up to 2 terabytes of storage with my plan. I am not anywhere near that. I am not even using 10% of it yet but I wanted peace of mind.

    Hope that answers your question.

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    When it comes to cloud storage with the biggest capacity and security, I would suggest MEGA. You can get 50GB free cloud storage from them and it's really secure since they offer end to end encryption. You should try it.

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